Gorillaz Wrap 2020 👊


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    2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years for people across the globe, with the pandemic wreaking global havoc and putting the live music industry on hold. Yet against all odds, we could bring to you the complete first season of Song Machine, including EPIC adventures in each episode that accompanied the episodic track drops, Machine Bitez, The Gorillaz Almanac, the first set of Gorillaz toys in over 10 years, Hobbs Hot Sauce, Song Machine Radio, 3 performances of Song Machine LIVE and so much more!
    None of this would be possible without you - the best fans in the world, and certainly not without the extended Gorillaz family. So, this video is for you. Thanks for your patience, and for believing in Gorillaz.

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    1. ed _ijohn25


    2. ed _ijohn25


    3. TheTerzula

      Fucking terrible. What happened to them?

    4. Zachary Davis

      I always hoped for a Daft Punk collaboration but I don't know if that's possible anymore.

    5. Slifers 23

      Helped Me Not Focus On How Shitty 2020 Was

    6. MEGA взломшик

      I' m russian

    7. Gorillazfan102


    8. _W_I_S_H_N_A _

      I don't know why, but Desole is my favourite song in this album)

    9. Ludmila FF

      Gorillaz left a special mark in 2020 ✊😏 Gorillaz deixou uma marca especial em 2020 ✊😏

    10. alejandro pacheco

      Hell yeaaa

    11. ReBaY

      Unos de los mejores álbumes de gorillaz , se la rifaron este año♥️😎

    12. F


    13. Perla Aby

      lets goo

    14. its ok its not your foult

      Music for mine ears

    15. Lupe Uribe

      you're welcome Gorillaz I love you all 💟💟💟

    16. joaquin Guillermo Alvarado Lagunes

      Dislike .. estan bonitos los dibujos de gorillaz . Pero sus canciones ya tienen la esencia de antes. Ya no invites artistas damon albarn ☹

    17. Lagum Lemoni

      Noodle cam 🗿

    18. ultr4vi0l3t_sp1t

      man i found gorillaz at one of my lowest points in life, i was thinking about committing ✨unalive✨and they were one of the things that kept me from actually doing it :) also dw i’m doing much better now hahah

    19. Kel Sa

      Dunno about you but I cried when I watched the lost chord 😃

    20. MR. GAMING

      What album is next ?

      1. MR. GAMING

        @fizzpeakgamer 13 or DARKTIMEZ.

      2. fizzpeakgamer 13

        Song Machine Season 2

    21. Victoria Reynuaba

      que eemm nose

    22. Maya Rindahl

      Aries is my absolute favorite track on season one for some reason I don’t even like that type of music

    23. Nunya Business

      Does no one care they had a monkey in phase one I need to know what happened to it

    24. Yasmin_Cupcake

      Voce, sim você mesmo BR que está assistindo Gorillaz ✋🏻

    25. alstinson

      Thank you for making 2020 just a little awesome! Love this band eternally!

    26. Rachel Painter

      Amazing use of time in lockdown!!! Love the album Damon

    27. Jack's Film Orchard


    28. Anica Krč

      I love you guys so much 😢❤

    29. Christina Carroll

      this is a great video and all but can he still not kill it?

    30. Andre Lucas

      THIS is the second best album for me

    31. Tom Grogan


    32. Ringo Santiago

      I love you guys(sends happy tears)

    33. Claudia Soto

      you guys inspire me so much and I'm glad i started listen to you guys when i did. You have made 2020 so much better for me. your music has always brought me up when i was down.so, thank you. Hope you guys have a good year.

    34. Bo Boba

      It’s insane to think I grew up with this band IM CRYING

    35. Katzumi

      where do i buy hobbs hot sauce

    36. Aaron Smith

      Alguien de PERU?

    37. Mia

      Thank you for making these strange timez bearable.

    38. theheckwithit

      I can't believe I missed out on the hotsauce

    39. tie_meshoes?


    40. salud y riqueza

      Una locura.

    41. Heitor Santos

      My biggest flex is to say that I was here since the very beginning of Song Machine

    42. Georgie

      Orders it on vinyl, it came skipping all over the place so I got a replacement and it did it again so I got a refund. Need more reliable service.

    43. M B

      Вот такие они, гении современной музыки.

    44. Jayson McHone-Duff

      Nice joke at the start there.

    45. aswerit Flow


    46. Cherie Moon

      This made the year so much better !

    47. rubber axolotl


    48. who am i

      What I noticed in the Song Machine Music Videos is that there is always that one scene where 2D looks at you while singing. It was really interesting.

    49. Richard McGibboney

      Nacho Chicken. Stuff You Need: Casserole Dish, 3 Quart minimum Medium Sized Bowl Large Mixing Bowl Large Pot 1-2 cans of Rotel (It's basically just Tomato and Green Chili, if you can't find Rotel) 1-2 cans of Cream of Chicken 1 Block of Velveeta Shredded Chicken (I'm a heathen and manually shred a small rotisserie chicken) A family sized bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos (or an acceptable off brand replacement) An Oven Recipe: 1. Line the bottom of your casserole dish with a layer of Doritos, trying to prevent major gaps. 2. In the medium bowl, put approximately a quarter of the doritos remaining. Crush the rest in bag. 3. In the large pot, heat your Velveeta to It's melting point. Mix in your Rotel and Cream of Chicken. 4. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 5. After the above mixture is all roughly the same consistency, pour it in the large mixing bowl with your previously crushed Doritos and Shredded Chicken. Mix. 6. Pour this mixture into your Casserole Dish. 7. Crumble the remaining Doritos from the Medium bowl over the top. Eat any excess. 8. Place the casserole dish in the Oven. Bake for roughly 12 minutes, or until the doritos crumble starts to burn on the tips. 9. Remove from oven and allow 5 minutes to cool. 10. Eat. There you go internet.

    50. carlos arturo manrrique torrez

      Me gustaban más las canciones de antes Eran las mejores

    51. Amateur Menace

      This was the Year of the Gorilla.

    52. Darryl Smith

      This is the one band I have consistently listen to my entire life I'm 32

    53. A GZ

      Thanks Gorillaz 2020 Strange Behold The Truelly Bizarre future Unfolding b4 2022 enjoy

    54. Couch Time

      So Gorillaz is three dudes irl. Why is there an Asian girl? Is there an actual girl who sings and plays guitar or is it just for the cartoon version?

      1. fizzpeakgamer 13

        No. It's all one guy and some collabs

    55. JanglyJunkie

      This video is basically Gorillaz rewind 2020. And now I want one every year.

    56. Beelzebub's Son

      I like this album the most, cuz it's like they embraced both real and fictional members of the band together, thx Gorillaz for this album.

    57. Adela K.

      Song machine helped us all to get through 2020!

    58. George brydon

      The strange timez joke was just incredible

    59. Mika-eel Jizzy


    60. JustUrAverageSunBro

      Keep on going you guys! I’ll be waiting for season 2 of it, These songs will be my only good thing that I remember from this year!

    61. kelron koobis

      I was in the hospital for 9 months of this and this slow release kept me up man. Fuckin love it

    62. Ghost David

      The only great thing to happen in 2020. Thank gorillaz for the great music

    63. Ari Farm

      gorillaz and bts were honestly two of the biggest forces keeping me alive this year, they mean so much to me 💖

    64. ezra

      am i the only one who feels like they grew up with noodle? she's changed so much 😔

    65. Der Schurke mit der Gurke

      Even after all these years, you're still going strong. Your music, your art, the characters you created, everything keeps evolving so naturally. Really looking forward to what's to come in the next year(s)

    66. Patricia Navarro Guerra


    67. 》tart《

      The descreption hit hard 😭 Also ive been listening to you guys for 4 years and its warmed my heart to see how you guys have grown, i even listened to you guys on my first plane ride and when we were driving to the airport

    68. Bestowic Primer

      Likely were still being drawn in the book. and the crew still asleep on the beach dreaming our 3d reality into existence. Also FUCK YOUR MURDOC! THAT SHIT YOU PULLED ON MY BIRTHDAY!

    69. Ricardo Lopez

      Thanks Gorillaz for these gifts every month 💗

    70. mR. wigleegiggle5

      Thankyou for giving us true works of art to look forward to throughout these strange timez.

    71. Stickzilla

      This is better than rewind

    72. frank morrison

      thank science this sh!t year is almost over

    73. M F

      We NEED a ✨Plastic Beach✨ game we can play on our phones! PLEASE MAKE AN APP!!

      1. fizzpeakgamer 13

        They did... But it's now lost media

    74. headass steph

      desole is a beautiful song so i just wanna say an extra thank you for making that. the whole album is wonderful, can’t wait for more!!!

    75. Jacoby Nevarez

      pink phantom WAS THE BEST

    76. Ben Aaron

      We appreciate the tunes this year!

    77. DJ halla

      Desole is one of my fave background songs right now haha

    78. pinkfedoras

      2020 was probably the year I taught myself how to fly with no help.

    79. me falta originalidad XD

      COOL simplemente COOL

    80. Cameron Cardoza

      Such a good album

    81. Mr. M

      Eñ mejor album y una de las cosas que salvo este año en el tema de lo musical

    82. Jordan Powers

      Nice one.

    83. VoltC

      Song Machine is probably going to rank as one of my favorite Gorillaz Albums.

    84. helloiamnessa

      Memories that will last a lifetime.

    85. Burritozi11a

      Song Machine helped make this awful year a little more bearable

    86. Jean Rosseau

      Have to say I wasn’t expecting such an epic adventure from Damon. Putting together the level of music that he did, with the calibre of artists that he did. Nuts. As a long time Gorillaz fan, funny enough, an album turned up in the time I needed it most.

    87. mel

      makes my heart so happy and warm 🥺💖 gorillaz has meant the world to me! soo many memories and feelings attached to their songs! im always amazed on how they continue to make unique ever changing music!

    88. William Richardson

      Amazing year 😍.

    89. Zucarin 86

      Gracias a Gorrilaz, pase esta cuarentena más comodo

    90. Paulina

      love you all

    91. Atroz

      Thanks Gorillaz, it was the best of the year ... hugs from Argentina.

    92. Stephanie

      Song Machine has been a creative bright spot in a dark year. Thank you for keeping your vision and inspiring your fans. Here’s to another 20 years of GORILLAZ!!!!

    93. мемный архив

      Видимо я один русский

    94. Kaleah Collins


    95. Kaleah Collins


    96. הד מדינה

      happy new year from the sheeps hufast.info/plan/vide/hpW8jL6Fs3PFpYk

    97. christine


    98. -{Helluvu Jacob}-

      Your music saved me

    99. spooky !!

      i thought the title was gorillaz wap 2020 what is wrong with me

    100. tosodoulis100

      Thank you for this video Gorillaz and thank you for the song machine! I don’t know if I would have made it through this year, as my depression decided to visit me once again... Many many thanks and happy new year everyone🥳