Gorillaz - The Pink Phantom ft. Elton John & 6LACK (Official Lyric Video)


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    Közzététel: 4 hónapja


    1. AL D

      I love and respect Elton John BUT this other guy 6BLACK?.... I almost hit Next But then I heard Elton's voice And the song was saved :)

    2. Romain Lampe (STUDENT)

      imagine making the greatest song ever with Elton john

    3. Ned Flanders

      This music and song and the albumes are amazing

    4. sam_sepi0l

      ô música boa

    5. George Alexander

      Goes far as the soul goes How it .......... Unique

    6. Uncle Iroh

      Watching them hit the corners 🤠


      Does this feel like this goes with Steven universe too well?


      You only hear me because is Elton John and 2D together The song

    9. Yeet Delete

      The drawings lol

    10. ourshare psn

      this song hurts

      1. phosphenes

        so true

    11. Paul Flores

      I love how 2-D lays it in. I think my heart skipped a beat



    13. Cooper 0205

      This song makes me feel not like a piece of potato chip in the couch.

    14. Edward Wood

      This shit 🔥 tho

    15. Some Citrus

      Still perplexed over how an autotuned mumble rapper sounds this good on an Elton John ballad, what a band

    16. Cisne Negro

      los amo 7u7 UwU

    17. Rusty The Dusty Tumbler

      Lol, you know a song is good when you dont need lyrics to understand them

    18. Candy Daisy Dunlopa

      Me hearing summer night's instead of summer lines😅

    19. R-dogg XL

      This song is so fucking overrated

      1. Vengeance Dad

        @R-dogg XL it is treason then... lol

      2. R-dogg XL

        @Green Enderman gaming true

      3. Green Enderman gaming

        @R-dogg XL chil Dude all I said was bruh

      4. R-dogg XL

        @Green Enderman gaming I’m sick of people who say stuff like “ the contrasting sounds are so good” no it’s not. 6lacks auto tune is bad and people say the song should have different sounds but not if they sound bad I don’t care about what a song means I care about if the song sounds good. The beginning part with Damon sounds like a nice guy pissed at a girl for forgetting him but wants to act like he’s cool cause he’s annoying and watches too much anime.

      5. R-dogg XL

        @Green Enderman gaming the only parts I like are the Elton John parts

    20. Tropicalboy980

      Lyrics: You've more or less forgotten me this summer I can't hide my disappointment I was on my way in the Phantom V The one you gave away Try to tell you that I love you but I'm choked up You forgot and that makes me feel like no one (summer nights) Were you even really there? Did you ever really care? Wait, I got so many examples of all of the good times we had Long summer nights (summer nights) Held you a long time, put your name in my rhymes Refresh your memory of where you wanna be The Phantom's on the way, she's comin' down the street I tried to get to Atlanta On a peach blossom highway I'm tryin' to put these puzzles out of mind In a sky made of diamonds Where the world fell silent I'll be waiting for you on the other side Summer lights (everyday, everyday) Sometimes (ride where the summer goes) Summer nights Every night Summer nights I tried to say I love you But you didn't listen (summer nights) I tried to give you everything you might need (summer nights) In a sky made of diamonds And where the world is flawless I'll be waiting for you on the other side Of summer lights, summer lights Hold it in for a long time Summer lights, seems to me I'm in a dream Behind these summer lights The Phantom is coming You forgot and that makes me feel like no one She's crossing over the line Wait, I got so many examples of all of the good times we had Seems to me I'm in a dream (long summer nights, I loved you a long time) (Put your name in my rhyme, refresh your memory) Behind these summer lights (Of where you wanna be, the Phantom's on the way) (She's comin' down the street) Sometimes

    21. Rhinestone

      I thought 6LACK was saying "put your name in my wallet" not "putt your name in my rhyme"

    22. anžela

      this is perfect. gorillaz really is something else.

    23. BIG M00D

      POV: You are here because your comment was vaporized when the comments were removed on the audio only video.

    24. noodle organs

      reminiscing the times wif them, this song did its job B)

    25. K

      Man this song hits me different

    26. Area 51 Prisoner

      I haven't heard anything beautiful as this

    27. Max TheShifter

      I'm addicted to this

    28. Shi No Shi

      When Elton sings that the phantom is coming can someone mix in My Chemical romance welcome to the black parade and send it to me please. Lol thank you.

    29. Eren Apusculueta

      Wait... is Summer Lines or Summer Lights??

    30. Pro Jose MX

      Perfecta paraa 2021

    31. 2D

      b-b-bu-t- SUMMER LINES?

    32. swagmaster lole

      Did anyone else hear “I tried to get you to love me”

    33. dabatswag 59

      Why is 6lack even here

    34. Jblack777


    35. Meme ~♡

      this song reminds me of that love i never confessed and may never will, he looks so happy with her, i can't do that to him but those times we share in the sumers as friends will always be my favorites

    36. heekki

      one of my all-time favorite songs


      It's simple perfect, i never imagine this colaboration

    38. Carlene Nelson

      Fkn Elton 🙌

    39. Raymundo Prieto Salomón

      Me gusta mucho esta canción

    40. michael castillo

      Goodbye SongMachine :,)

    41. Enchanted Llama

      I feel like each and every Gorillaz song I listen to, I initially don’t like it so much, and then by the second or third time I play it, I’m head-over-heels in love with it.

      1. Orabou

        same, I didn't like 6lack's part at first but then it started getting good now I love this song

    42. Artro jellytime

      I feel like summer lies would fit more than summer lines

    43. bree justbree

      Me realizing Russel's head doesn't pop up as much ://

    44. Seaborn Gaming

      Such a great song

    45. JamPacked / ジャムパックド

      The music video doesn't do 6LACK any justice. I think the music videos should have subtitles because I couldn't appreciate 6LACK's vocals until I understood what 2D and Elton were saying.

    46. JRSZ

      TFW song reminds you about one of your friends, who just left you when you struggled with mental breakdown, first spending all that days, and promising you to stay and saying all that warm words... But on the other half, you know, that you did everything you could.

    47. Irving Axel

      Okay I don't know who came up with the bubble face idea, but it is awesome!!! I love seeing their cartoon faces jumping around in this master piece.

    48. Agathe Tonin

      Idk if i already posted, but i reallllyyyyyy love the contrast between the three vibes they give off

    49. s.w.126strawberry

      😭😭😭😭♥️♥️🥺🥺🔥🔥🔥A collab I didn’t know I needed. The genre mashing is so patent Gorillaz💕💕💕💕💕💕

    50. L as in Lucky

      It’s funny how it’s like “FEATURING ELTON JOHN- and 6lack-ELTON JOHN!”

    51. Soy Lean

      Sir Elton Hercules John

    52. RealBox VR

      1:13 the pink phantom joined the chat

    53. Jacob Risley

      Dude I swear they are a genre, they are not in a genre they ARE the genre

    54. PrehistoricCraft & Fakemon Forever

      “I tried to say I love you but you didn’t listen”

    55. Kryptic

      This is amazing...

    56. PrehistoricCraft & Fakemon Forever

      This is so romantic... (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

    57. Goldenglare_thewindeater

      Sounds like something to listen to in a convertible down the highway with a puedo-70’s - puedo-80’s aesthetic and filter

    58. stephen mutke

      Listening to this song reminds me of all the relationships I had and it makes me tear up every time..... thank you gorillaz for the amazing music you have written and played for my whole life

    59. nick lasiter

      and 6lack hat is going on I'm dreaming right now

    60. nick lasiter

      what they even have Elton John, and black jack I need to know ho this isn't the most popular band in the world

    61. Justin Heretotroll

      Welcome to the show John.

    62. Spiky Sweetpotato

      0:25 is immeasurable and my day is ruined -report of the week

    63. Paul Jimenez

      hail gorillaz🤘🤘🤘

    64. Benjamín gelvez

      It's been a month and I still can't get over the fact two of my favourite artists did a collaboration


      I don't know why, but this song always reminds me of all the times I made fun of furries, I was so toxic.

    66. Liam McDevitt

      the lyrics: "I tried to get to Atlanta" Me: "I tried to get to the line"

    67. PastelGuts

      I think in the lore murdoc may have written this song (Idk just my theory)

    68. Pro Jey96

      I love it more everytime

    69. Reuel Lucas

      As much as I love this song, I can’t help but feel a tad disappointed when I found out that Elton John had nothing to do with the making of this song.

    70. Mazgun Raynor

      wtf is this ? cringe is real. holy fuck this is like retarded chimps made it. its good knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but it is wise not to put it in a fruit salad. This song is like leftovers of a horrible meal.

      1. Jorge Cordova

        @Mazgun Raynor you need to mature

      2. Holy Moly

        It’s okay, Mazgun Raynor, let it out! It’s okay to cry.

      3. PackOfMints

        No, you are nitpicking and biased, I win bye bye!

      4. Mazgun Raynor

        @skeletor's nan hah I lose bye!

      5. Mazgun Raynor

        @Pro Jey96 oh my u killed me. go back to 96 squirt. you need 20 more years to mature

    71. Sebastian Varela Durám

      i want to dedicate to her, but he ddont love me :(

    72. Catoflado

      I loved this song so much. And love Elton John in animated version. I think more of the people in special participations should have animated versions. It looks so cool

    73. Diego Soto

      I love you my brother Elton John.

    74. Diego Soto

      I love you Elton!!! you make this song happen.

    75. War Hawk

      Drop 6black from this and it would be a better song. I hate mumble rappers. Low engery wanna be rappers.

    76. Caleb Budziszewski Radell

      What A Masterpiece!!

    77. SeanP87

      This is really good but i can't help but feel it'd be much better if 6LACK wasn't autotuned. It sounds awful.

      1. Pro Jey96

        At the begining yeah... But i still like the rest of the song

    78. Powdered Toast Man

      Thank you for this. My mom was the biggest Elton John fan I knew. She died this year, a week before my birthday.

    79. Otávio

      This is beautiful

    80. sdefekt

      This track sounds so trip-hop, so Tricky, just love it

    81. Iron Idol

      *Gorillaz x Childish Gambino* is my next dream

    82. Yael Garcia

      6lack to me, ruins the song tbh.

      1. skeletor's nan

        Nah he *enhances* it. great support

    83. Marcelless Jordan

      Imagine singing this song to someone who was in your family that died, that would DEFINETLY make their day while they're in heaven 😘

    84. Agent Oni

      2:07 eeeeeeEeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    85. Agent Oni

      I stand with my statement of this being the best song in the album. Gorillaz, 6lack, and Elton John was a trio I never knew I needed

    86. haha yes

      Is 6lacks name pronounced like slack or sixlack

    87. pingu eats a lot

      The lyrics are: Why did you still press read more?

      1. PackOfMints

        Those are terrible lyrics, garbage song

    88. charlotte austin

      i don't understand why people don't like 6CLACK's bit when it's my fave bit of the song

      1. MonsterL

        I know, right!

    89. MaryArts

      I just love how they animated Sir John. He looks like fun ^^

    90. Anything But Serious

      it sounds like fireflies

    91. Angelo Tetsuo

      The Phantom is coming

    92. Hayyan Yousuf Khan

      This song hits all the right cords...... Chef's kiss 😘

    93. Fazmaz

      mmmmmmm comfort music

    94. Sei What

      Absolutely obsessed with this song, I can't stop listening to it

    95. Nándor Aranyos

      I miss the old gorillaz with good fast rhytm with real instruments not just cumputer and a little bit of gangsta rap like in dirty harry or clint eastwood

    96. Mr.Pug

      Once you click on the song Well... you ain’t leaving!!!😇

    97. R-dogg XL

      I can’t tell that Elton John is 73 now cause it doesn’t sound like it

    98. Dick_mór

      Btw the phantom 5 or the phantom v is a real car and i hope that people know that