Gorillaz - The Valley of The Pagans ft. Beck (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. GodOf Gaming

      Kinda ironic rockstar takes their video down but feel good inc is still in gta v

    2. Angel Luis Espada

      Name: Jeanevie R. SUPULVEDA,BROOKLYN,NEW YORK. 😁

    3. Thicc Bear

      rockstar was not feeling it every single fuckin day

    4. CarlAlf 9

      They made a typo in schadenfreude they forgot the f

    5. ReddBerry

      This song sounds like a shroom trip

    6. HHH37

      my favourite out of song machine season 1

    7. Geadrifalej Umbab

      1:46 it's schadenFreude actually

    8. Spatial Organics

      Wow i almost on my way to find that warehouse full of viagra, in the valley...

    9. RedstoneMiner18

      Depression you can dance to

    10. Pat Tuesta


    11. matia niccheri

      Anyone knows the name of the fred perry jacket 2D is wearing?

    12. Mak

      This one of still my favorite out of the new songs

    13. Isaic Omaña


    14. PeepyPlays

      THE REASON WHY EVERYONE THINKS 0:55 IS WRONG: at the end of "away", you can clearly hear a little "ha" sound. this sounds like "house" as in "warehouse" plus, "starv-in-a-way" sounds like "stored in a warehouse" thanks for coming to my TED talk

    15. TheDevils5

      I heard this on the radio. Awesome.

    16. Nora Ng

      this song reminds me of an old song of them but for the life of me I can't remember what it is. Guess I'll have to dance in this vague nostalgic taste

    17. Edward

      Lagu Gorillaz terbaik Kebenaran🤘🤘✌️🤙👍

    18. F


    19. Jade Sapphira

      How come gta5 can have gorillaz music but gorillaz cant have gta5 footage?

      1. Mr Nutts

        They didn't ask for permission and they got copyrighted for using material they didn't pay for his usage.

    20. Boloro B

      🎶 Stored in a warehouse, in a valley 🎵 “You know that’s not the lyrics right? On the lyric video it says “starved in a valley” Yeah Ok if you knew why’d you sing it wrong? Because that’s bullshit.

    21. Churro The Rat

      I love how they display Damon, and 2-D having different verses and display them as different beings. It rocks B)

    22. TheShanePlays

      I like Beck and somehow never thought about how perfect he would be on a Gorillaz song.

    23. my safe word rhymes with 'polverine'

      This is something a flower child from 70s would listen to


      si ya acabo gorillaz me muero por que no hablo mucho ingles

      1. ajay ghale

        Hola q ase

    25. Aaron Wallz

      Anyone else here Merdock saying, uh huh in the background 1:00

    26. it.says. Abilen


    27. Brad Young


    28. MegaHam

      Should be in the GTA 6 trailer

    29. Luke Reeves

      at 1.5 its great6

    30. Joseph Wolf

      Channeling a bit of Cake here. Great stuff.

    31. negi chiquito

      GTA × Gorillaz

    32. Али М.

      Вы огонь)

    33. s

      this song is so fucking underrated it's sad

    34. DeividGTA

      Welcome to getea cinco, the city of saints awaits you

    35. George OMAHA


    36. Ashley M.

      This song feels like it would be in a Netflix original during a party or drug trip scene.

    37. Yess M

      you literally saved my life tysm

    38. Ricardo Pereira

      2:05 la mejor parte

      1. ajay ghale

        Porfin alguien en españo

      2. Iupiter Bong

        Che fanno l ova

    39. Elliot Cyre

      Cockstar and Take Two are so thirsty for money it hurts. They probably took it down because even in the music video you could see how fucking glitchy GTA is.


      seriusly, i love gorillaz

    41. oscar gonzalez


    42. Rei Caixa

      Well, at least now people are saying it was Take-Two, not Rockstar. I'm mad at people since the Oppressor Mk1 was released that it's not Rockstar doing it, it's Take-Two

    43. kendall hanson

      i love beck. his voice is immaculate and seeing him collaborate with such a phenomenal band such as the gorillaz is just 🥴

    44. Jacoby Plays

      Background lyrics at 2:37: Based on what i hear Yeah i live in a valley I heard this new song now at a concert The game really captures it and thats only really what i need im out of class yeah the hottub is really chill

    45. Verde Blue

      1:36 don’t mind me, just leaving this time stamp for myself

    46. Fascist Slayer Vamir

      This song is feel good without the Inc.

    47. RadioDonNowhere

      Es Radio Doble Nueve 99.1FM (2021) Lima, Perú!

      1. Addie

        Por favor pongan el nuevo álbum de Gorillaz en alguna radio peruana no sé, necesito contenido de calidad, carajo 😭💙

    48. Retroth The Tired

      Petition to get this song on the gta radio's for OBVIOUS REASONS

    49. Matthew Murray

      I wish the great chorus wasn't at like the end cause that was in the trailer so I thought it was a bigger part of the song

    50. Lily Pearce

      This is the cross I wanted but never thought I'd get, I'm so SO happy ☺

    51. Samuel

      I love it 😂

    52. Dr Dimensional

      I nought the lyric was “it feels so good to have a perfect soul”

    53. ana1727

      best songgg

    54. Sebastian hutton

      I want the line "Said no one" to end with 'ever' so fucking bad for some reason.

    55. Anthony Velasco

      Perfect while tripping

      1. infinite Donuts

        Perfect for driving too

    56. Achille Chervet

      La commun fr like plz

      1. Atyzin

        Lmao no

    57. ゴリラズ

      Honestly I've been listening to gorillaz since i think rock the house I don't know what ive missed But this and lost chord are my favorites I'm happy there still around

    58. Fuze -

      Someone said this on the original video but it must be said again. *one hundred million viagra tablets*

    59. Dr Dimensional

      So many good tracks this year

    60. Ninja Nerd Student

      What the fuck is a pagan?

      1. Wojciech Wojciechowski

        Someone who believes in other god / gods oppossed to Christian religion.

    61. MercuryCircuit

      I heard this and thought of Beck instantly without knowing he was involved........weird. Reminds me of - I think I'm in love, but has that special Gorillaz twist. Great stuff. Really enjoying this album :) Thanks Damon.

    62. Pannda

      The lyrics are wrong... But the music is great

      1. Atyzin

        They are the original ones lmao

    63. warmestmachine

      This song is so freaking great, I think it's one their best!

      1. RicardoBoro

        hi Akira dont kill me

    64. Bean manger

      I killed my wife to this song it’s so good

      1. Atyzin


    65. I May Know Da Sauce

      That's my new jam


      Gorrilaz:* plays gta 5 * Take2:”it’s free real estate”

    67. Bugman

      Best off the album

    68. Oscar Bray

      The least perfect song, they have no conrol x

    69. Murdoc Niccals

      Español el valle de los paganos

      1. ajay ghale


      2. Atyzin


      3. Murdoc Niccals

        @Vicente Peña ok

      4. Vicente Peña


    70. yerbamate

      these are not even the correct lyrics what is GOING ON

      1. yerbamate

        @Atyzin why didnt they just like.... fix them.. though

      2. Atyzin

        Dude, these are the original lyrics

    71. K-leb

      I really would've appreciated a song like this on Hyperspace. It's better than almost every song on that album.

    72. some guy

      1 MIL! my favorite band and favorite solo artist finally come together on a killer track

    73. ChuckdubZ

      This is the earworm I needed

    74. Charm Serenia

      So glad the Gorillaz are still going! Never get tired of listening to their music

    75. A Goose Youtuber

      this song is just 2-D celebrating the band banning Murdoc from driving them anywhere

    76. Nate Plays

      I would like too see the gorillaz in the new clone high

      1. Nate Plays


      2. Atyzin

        Lmao I'd hate it

    77. EternalSummer14

      I Think 2D's Posting These Lyric Videos. 2D, You Gotta Proofread These Before You Post Them!

    78. Alexander Benberry

      Groovy song! Seriously though they grabbed words out of a hat and said “It’s going in the song!”

    79. crazyBloodmonkey

      can't believe rockstar still hasn't let the video be back up yet lol

    80. junior D.

      the music video reminds me of their older music video "19-2000". It was 2-D driving while Noodle is in the back seat. Now it's Noodles turn with 2-D in the back seat.

    81. Rosa Contreras

      Deberían de tener al menos el millón, es tan mágnifico 😔

    82. melody noma


    83. GasparLewis

      "schadenreude" eyes? can I get an "F" for this man's job?

    84. Tifo

      put the video on 0.5 and listen to the beat

    85. HeyVSauceItsYaBoiSebastianHere

      2D: One hundred million viagra tablets Me: Sounds...fun?

    86. john denis dunne

      My local indie radio station brought me ere

    87. Elliot Glaser


    88. caleidoscopical

      Beck and the gorillaz?!!! Dreams can come true!!

    89. Sbeve Loaf

      Moral of the story don't be a simp

    90. kirykat

      0:52 wait... wut?

    91. The New Kid

      the is the most frustrating lyric video, HIT THE CORNER

    92. Carmen Barman

      lyrics my ass! maybe auto generated lyrics, hahaha!!

    93. Adrian Gonzalez

      que buen tema lcdsmp!!!!!

    94. JanglyJunkie

      Anyone else notice 2-D's phone had 4 cameras in the thumb nail. Nice

    95. NicoleAllyse

      This song is so fire.

    96. Othonn Menezes

      Guys If you search you can still find the original music video with GTA V footage

    97. Dark Edge

      This is Fooking Epic

    98. Nayan Sharma

      I'm a pagan and I approve this song is pagan perfect.

    99. Bob Sky

      Did R🌟 add Feel Good Inc just recently?