Gorillaz - Strange Timez ft. Robert Smith (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. Emmy Thompson

      This is the def. of DRUGS

    2. proud gorillaz and kpop fan

      The only thing that keeps from listening to this is Robert smith. I personally don't like his music but that's just me 🤷‍♀️

    3. Shirihan Ghazi

      It's funny to me, the first time i listened to this i felt weird and turn off. but now the more i listen to it, the more i like it lol. the instrumental always give me chills

    4. Hannah


    5. I May Know Da Sauce

      I like the idea of Gorillaz send lyrics because 2-D so high we can't understand so that would blow whoever try it out

    6. Jonathan Husson

      I really wish I could get this song out of my head because holy crap dude it’s just never ending at this point

    7. Kyle Moore

      This might be my favorite song to come out of 2020

    8. Churro The Rat


    9. toki 250

      Amo gorillaz like si ablas español y te gusta gorillaz 💞 😻

    10. I im gonna eat you

      Oh shit no way our gorillaz is rotten

    11. Cats are great.

      At first I hated this song now it’s like one of my favs.

    12. Anthony Monaghan

      This triggered my vertigo...not in a good way.

    13. GUEST HUMILDE :3

      Among us 😶😂

    14. cuyo show isaac

      Lo que que disen

    15. cuyo show isaac

      No entiendo

    16. cuyo show isaac


    17. Alliana Garcia

      I can finally die happy knowing Robert smith and GORILLAZ made a song together bro.

    18. Morgan Cowperthwait


    19. p u m p l o l !

      I got my tooth filled lol

    20. Vick

      i heard this song and thought "iS iT caUsE iVe GoT PuRpLe HaiR?"

    21. Darya W

      Long Live Belarus

    22. Kewpie Doll

      Them spinning is my brain cells

    23. RyuuHatake

      I kept hearing “playing geckos with pettegrew”

    24. Chichimee

      “My head is spinning” yeah literally

    25. Sergio Alfaro

      Spinnin' around the world at night Spin around in black and white Spinnin' around 'til the sun comes up Strange time to see a light I think I've fallen onto silken thread, my head is spinning Suspended in a twilight void, that keeps on giving The looping dervish in the lodge is lost within the ringing Far away I can hear the sound of someone out there singin' I'm speeding through the forest, strange echoes of Belarus Where presidents pin badges on disconnected youth What would you be dreaming of? No horse play, no diving Cutting glass with scissors, whilst the great leader's reclining In golden hallways where we spin The faithful will be silent Existing or not? At the same time, spinning Spinnin' around the world at night (strange times) Spin in and out of sight Spinnin' around until the sun comes up (I helped you feel good) Strange time to turn it on Spinning around the world at night Spin around in black and white Spinning around until the Sun comes up Strange times, to see a light Battle war of the worlds, surgical glove world, bleach thirsty world I'm twitching in the grimy heat, I think I might be spinning Here we go on degrading No horse play, no diving Cuttin' glass with scissors, whilst the great leaders- Spinnin' around until the sun comes up Strange time to turn it on Spinnin' around the world at night Spin around in black and white Spinnin' around until the sun comes up Strange time to see a light Strange time (strange time) To be alive Strange time (strange time) To be alive

    26. Not Toxic


    27. hermesrunning

      finally, david lynch put into song

    28. Surrealreal_

      2:46 when you have headphones on, you can hear the background melody spinning around you

    29. Worm Not Hammer

      Мотив мелодии напоминает Фауста (Faust)

    30. MirandaRelates


    31. Tatti Kolesnik

      Hi! I'm from Belarus❤

    32. Ciuy R


    33. stephen mutke

      Is there a piano sheet music for this?

    34. ッ꧁𖣘【Milky】𖣘꧂

      AmonGorillas US

    35. Eric GOUTAL

      LES CURE, A LEGENDARY BAND. To immerse yourself in the world of Robert Smith, an innovative video clip to listen to on headphones (music 8d). Good listening and good clip. hufast.info/plan/vide/m2allthix6HXc30

    36. greekfire995

      "Strange time to be alive."

    37. Shaquille Estampador

      Robert Smith 1982: A Strange Day Robert Smith 2020: Strange Timez

    38. Mariano Velazquez

      for some reason this makes me think about plants vs zombies

    39. Francisca Otarola

      My favourite song 💕💕💕

    40. ltssheart

      Hello from Belarus. Жыве Беларусь! ⬜️🟥⬜️



    42. Egg man Man

      I believe that this song is about how shit capitalism is

    43. MB

      I love this collaboration.

    44. Jonatan Darkside

      My isportil 911 comentariy

    45. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    46. Bratwurst

      Lyrics: Bottled water world surgical glove world beach washing world Also lyrics: *S P E E N*

    47. WaterCupp

      "My head is spinning" has been given new meaning

    48. JeffCrowleys

      Among us

    49. floatyloser

      this is quite a strange song

    50. Nalyd Sivad

      This song makes me hope for a gorillaz ft. nakeyjakey

    51. Marcela Travassos

      Robert smith singing this music that is sampled by his own music from the cure “caterpillar” is awesome! Gorillaz is just dope shit

    52. 2koolken

      Spinning [this track💿] around the world at night... Spin [it📀] around in ⚫black and ⚪white. (Spin [💿] in & out of sight.) Spinning [📀] around until the sun comes up... ...to see the light. (I think I'm cuckoo...) ...during these #StrangeTimez🤨.

    53. JR Gomez

      Amount us reference

    54. Javi Mínguez [Orgem]

      Green is kinda sus

    55. pissbaby

      I'm listening it while playing among us

    56. Impecardia

      Really hate doin this but maybe check my remix :D

    57. Skylonark

      Worst song on song machine

    58. Campoy

      Ohhh Damon, thanks for all those years of beautiful music.

    59. Todo lo que debes saber sobre

      My favorite song ❤😘😘

    60. Ale ZimZam

      So, who imposter?

    61. Journey Bryan

      I think I’m going oh no...🤢🤮🤮🤮 I’m spinning!!!!!!

    62. MaryElizabeth

      I’m so sorry those keys are too overpowering

    63. Vanadras


    64. 2-D fachero


    65. Luisa Elias


    66. Sans Funnybones

      Green sus

    67. Stephanie

      ok, I'm here just to say: many years have passed, and they are still cute and beautiful❤️❤️

    68. cy 908

      Let’s be real. It’s between this and Aires for best song on the album

    69. Glass Monty

      Robert Smith seems to have an ageless voice.

    70. Owen Platt

      this song has such a cool build up. it kinda crawls into your ears and slowly eats you, and then at like, 1:46 ur brain kinda just explodes and ngl its kinda awesome

    71. Super Mad Crock [SMC]


    72. Pipflake Bricks

      Who else thought of among us from the thumbnail lol?

    73. _BOOMER_ PLAY

      Among As

    74. Mo A

      The New Where Is The Love?

    75. Dylan Aguillon

      Realy good

    76. Jolyne Kujo

      Ok so today I was listening to strange timez with my disk of song mashine and then my mom comes up and says "take of that satanic thing!" and I just get really mad lmao

    77. Top Kali

      This song should name Spinning

    78. DJ CJ

      Gorillaz songs have 3 topics: - Drugs - Politics - Forgiveness

    79. Alexsa Solorzano

      So who was the imposter (in the thumbnail)....

    80. rene L

      Jesus how high were they when they wrote the song and not in a good way. That intro left little to be desired

    81. xx_me0w_xx


    82. T.C. Bramblett

      LOL his head really is spinning in a web

    83. Yarlly Macerlo

      The Gorillaz spin spinnig the bleck ser wegt

    84. maggie


    85. Fire_Gamer Br

      "far away i can hear a sound of someone out there singing" *T h A t S m E !1!1!!!!1!*

    86. Minedaniex

      Among us gorillaz version

    87. kenny m

      green kinda sus

    88. i like bucket of chicken

      Change the world

    89. lenny koss

      Indeed 🥰🤙

    90. Shadow - Z

      Did Anyone Noticed That the thumbnail kinda sus

      1. Shadow - Z

        Among Us Btw

    91. Darien Bautista

      *Gato lag*

    92. TTX

      Vocês são os melhores simples assim

    93. Mauro Carosio

      LOVE! www.tomtomrock.it/review/recensione-gorillaz-song-machine-season-one-strange-timez/

    94. KOBRO4KA Game


    95. caprockappraisals1

      Roswell, NM should make this their town's theme song

    96. Жура

      Among gorillaz

    97. Viktoria Rõhlinskaja

      I enjoy this song so much!!

    98. tg72201

      His voice has not changed even slightly since the 80s.

    99. Atrijit Das

      does the flow of the singing remind anyone of CoinciDance?

    100. Brian Sands

      Ain't it da truth, yo.