Gorillaz - Simplicity ft. Joan As Police Woman (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. VisKeroo

      The next lyrics video will be like Q dice ai nose ingles

    2. M Puppet

      I just like how it’s “Can’t work out what 2d’s saying...” “SIMPLICITY”

    3. Proccoli

      man i love this song

    4. 20 Andhony Rafael Marquez Guevara

      Háganlo vídeo porfa

    5. LameArseCronnby

      yeah lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🅱️oneless lyrics

      1. kawaii potato


    6. Acolytic

      How tf they not gonna know their own lyrics XD

    7. Sleepy Bear

      I want to be apart of this band so badly. They are so creative with their music and characters and the whole story.

    8. Arke

      Damon: *starts to aeuakjsjakahehsge on the songs* Everybody: "such a way with words" BTW "Pigeon always you" is by far my favorite line

    9. 2-D fachero


    10. Waryso

      The lyrics being bollocks is now a canonical trope. Holy shit

    11. Edson Robalo


    12. maximus Alves

      this is so Gorillaz!! i am so glad they don´t lose their essence!

    13. Jacob Mallia

      This is so chill that I getting images of jor-el from superman

    14. Hope Soap

      1:14. s u s

    15. Lucyfer

      Alternative lyrics: V1:Do no karen suck in no just near oh..(rainbow,oh..) V2:Do no caring suckin no caring-oh

    16. gigiaimt7128 ._.

      Nodle looks like six from little nightmares

    17. Duskplains

      Somehow I missed this song. It’s pretty good.

    18. E i z h 狼

      *Im always saying that Damon make Gorillaz songs on acid but no one trust me, this is the better proof of that* *Btw, i believe Damon said something like:* *Don't Know Carrel Shut In Looking You* Carrel is the place of a library, so its like 2D is in a library looking someone.

    19. cherri

      Sitting down now, no-no, to be sitting Done now, nothing, to be, sitting Done now, camera, sinking down from here Simplicity Whoopee jah na hosee Fall out, fall out, fell down Fall, fall, fall, oh, where? Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity THANKS GOOGLE LMAO

    20. binkling vozerozok

      these heads' physics are mildly infuriating

    21. Dice

      A perfect song, for the drunktard dancing on the street, late at night.

    22. Kenleigh Black

      Wait wouldn’t Damon tell them what he was saying so doesent that mean he doesent even know what he was saying

    23. PingulinBDF

      everybody gangsta until "can't work out on what 2D is saying "

    24. Beaner Dreamer

      Bet we can understand these lyrics with a lil bit of shrooms n lsd with thc

    25. Jett Man

      1:14 imposter

    26. Brianna Rivera

      I feel like getting high to this

    27. Ken Sherman

      I don't even remember this as a track listing. Is this a bonus?

      1. No Name


    28. Gallo

      holy cow can i get 1 comment that isnt about the lyrics

    29. Pietro Mateo

      We'll never know what 2D was saying lol

    30. Bababooey

      “Can’t make out what 2D is saying here” Then ask xd, Damon made and sang the song,

      1. David Gaytán

        The problem is that Damon improvises a lot and then he forgets what he improvised

    31. Sam Cain

      Love this song but how do they do it live? Unplugged Gorllaz?

    32. MonsterL

      Really relaxing to listen to, thank you Gorillaz.

    33. MANDRAKE Noodle

      "Can't work out what 2D is saying" i love how the officilal lyric video doesn't even know what 2D is saying xd

    34. Not Toxic

      That 2-D is a spy

    35. wee Woo chan

      why does the begging of the song sounds like a clothes advertisement

    36. kawaii potato

      2Ds voice here with no megaphone filter is just sooo pleasant to listen to

    37. Denisowiczak

      Plot twist: "can't work out what 2d is saying" is what 2d is actually singing in this part we just don't understand it

      1. Dante Casta

        Que pro XD

    38. Kieran Cowling

      i frickin love this soooo=oooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg

    39. Faqih

      Literally the whole comment section talk about the can't figure out what 2D saying -_- there's other thing that we can talk about

      1. Gallo

        like how fucking awesome the song is

    40. Sean Wade


    41. Fernando Alonso

      What I choose to believe is that this song kinda started like a riffing session between 2D and Joan which then became a song. It’s basically improv so it kinda makes sense that they don’t know what 2D is saying.

    42. Karina Bruno Vazquez

      they changed their style to a slow one

      1. Gallo

        every gorillaz song has a different vibe

    43. Enimo

      Ah yes, my favourite lyric "Can't work out what 2D is saying"

    44. Edgar Demián Hernández González

      Like if gorillaz's team didn't have access to Damon's lyrics lol though it's a funny detail that they put "can't work out what 2D's saying

    45. Jamie Dalton

      *can't work out what 2D is saying* Lmao same

    46. Alexa Barreiro


    47. CEO of Bass

      Ah yes, my favorite lyric “Can’t work out what 2D is saying”

    48. Lyr0c

      Them: "Can't work out what 2D is saying" Me: Understandable.

    49. Fionán Byrne

      2d is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a peppermint tea

    50. Wild Blunt Hickok

      "I always HERE you". Even when Jamie can make out the words he doesn't know how to spell them.

    51. headass steph

      this reminds me of demon days especially the little instruments added starting at 1:00

    52. odd sock

      What if 2D actually said don't know what 2D is saying

    53. Angelotti Méndez

      Alguien de mexico?

    54. Cerberus

      using talk to speech I meant Gorillaz

    55. Cerberus

      We were suspects but a boxset caught your eye sometimes girls make weird lyrics but the beat sounds so cool

    56. CMONCMON007

      This lyric video made me laugh...you guys will know why

    57. Blurred

      the delivery of the first verse sounds weirdly like the first Pumped Up Kicks verse Albarn's chorus delivery sounds really similar to the hook on Wolves by kanye

    58. Elif şahin

      It's my favorite in the album

    59. Rafaelle Nicolas


    60. Dweebus

      if the song machine series is just damon making songs without having to make a gorillaz album then i honestly think this is one of damons mumblings he does when trying to get the melody of the lyrics down made into a song

    61. Pastor Gaara

      "can't work out what 2D's saying" really got me thinking how Joan influenced 2D to be high on that song

    62. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    63. Palo

      I believe the bassline on this one was sampled from "Mestizo Eyes" by Bobbi Humphrey. Both gorgeous tunes, by the way!

    64. Biskitõ

      that moment when you can't figure out the lyrics to your own song

    65. ZyZeAnimator

      THE "Can't work out what 2D is saying" PLEASE- IT SENT ME TO ORBITTT

    66. ERIK PAU

      ok, this song is now in my gorilazz top 10

    67. Sage Belle

      This is literally to bing 2.0

    68. Rey Huachimingo

      Here is the actual lyrics with what is 2-D actually saying lol: [Intro: Joan As Police Woman] It's starting to pour Why don’t we get out and then dance on the pavement? Abandon your wars The sky and thunder and lightning and rain are innocent It’s tipping down, I can't see But I’m not really caring 'cause I’m dancing on the pavement Oh say, can you see? The sky and thunder and lightning and heavens open for us [Chorus: 2D] Shut in, don't know, no no, to be shut in Don't know, not meant, to be shut in Don't know, camera, sinking, now, come, you're alive, oh It's taking me out (Simplicity) [Verse: 2D] Night time and I go smooth some off (Little bit of news) Negative, now it’s red and I Chime in strong (Little bit of news) Are you ever really lost? You cutting cardboard Watchers waiting, we had names We had suspects, but a boxset caught your eye And I was forgotten, I was forgotten I am the architect of this delusion The burgeoning load, one billion These are amazing times The past is a place where rockets take off What now, a burnished plaque [Chorus: 2D] Shut in, don't know, no no, to be shut in Don't know, not meant, to be shut in Don't know, camera, sinking, now, come, you’re a loss [Outro: 2D, Joan As Police Woman] Simplicity Wood pigeon, always you (Save her, save her, save ooh) Ingloriously (Save save saving me, oh) I always hear you, mmm (Me, oh) Simplicity (Save, save, ooh, oh) Simplicity (Ooh) Simplicity (The sky it could make it rain instead) Simplicity

    69. Segmentos sonoros

      Those are secret lyrics; we aren't allowed to know them :3

    70. Leon

      I been needing something new like this.every song sounds the same to me lately

    71. Elif şahin

      Am I the only one who finds it smiliar with their other track from fall "hillbilly man"

    72. Agama 55

      I feel like this song was just the guys singing random words and putting weird sentences together. Very creative and actually nice to listen to😁

    73. Izak Bergh

      I love this song

    74. Marty - David

      ...anyone else getting beautiful shades of 'monkey journey to the west' coming in towards the end of this...

    75. Elif şahin

      I just fell in love with a song

    76. Lux-2097 Stard Lord

      Stranges Timez: Strange times Simplicity: Amazing times

    77. Josh Waldron

      Tbf Damon can’t mess up the live words if nobody knows what they’re supposed to be. 200IQ

    78. Paula Alberti

      Más más más más más

    79. Paula Alberti

      Dios Santo y la Virgen María

    80. cmgv20

      Can we get a DOPE LEMON and Gorillaz collab? I think it would sound great!

    81. Sag3 weeb

      This song is great

    82. xdoomerguyx

      The reason even the officials cant understand 2D is cause he acquired the trait of speaking the language of the GODs

    83. Brandon C.

      “Don’t know, come on, should be, 100, simplicity” is what I hear

    84. GoguiF

      I freaking love this jam Perfect for vibing

    85. 何?!

      we had SUS-spects thats kinda SUS

    86. Damon Adkins

      ♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡♥︎♡ Simplicity. It's that simple. ♡ NOODLE STOP STRESSING. !!!!! ♥︎low tide is coming ♥︎

    87. Cubico Peipia

      Severed Head reminded me of their D-Sides album, this gives me Plastic Beach/The Fall vibes

    88. Just a guy that's Bad at everything

      I like to imagine that, instead of actually writing a song, they all just got together, improvised something, and had a really good first try, but 2D got confused and they just decided to edit it together anyways.

    89. Vile Runner

      "Dont know, Camera, Sitting, Dont Come, For your life. " I feel like that is what 2D is saying.

    90. Liam -

      This is silky smooth and I like it.

    91. Ink Melody


    92. HighMess

      in the car blasting this song mumbling random words. lyrics video comes out. me: THIS SONG HAS LYRICS!?!?!

    93. gh0st._.b0nez

      I doubt 2d even knows what he said

    94. Troy Swinders

      lowkey one of my favorite songs from this album

    95. K-leb

      You can really tell this is a b-side. It's so short and weirdly structured. I like the vibe it's giving off but the song just doesn't progress as it should.

    96. Brandon Cobb

      Unless I'm mistaken, this was just season 1.. I like that approach to what would have been a 2 cd album. I wonder how this'll work moving forward..

    97. brunari

      Just like Feel Good Inc., everyone think he's saying (shake it shake it... shake it), but it's just something like (SHAPA SHAPA SHAPATAKA)

    98. Kati Bowen

      (Eyebrow raise) "You got a job?" (Chuckling blush) (Blush) "You are romantic Damien."

      1. Kati Bowen

        Slipknot- Spiders ( )

      2. Kati Bowen

        (Thumbs Snap) (Thumbs snap) (Woman glance)

    99. Marscael 04

      Hi :)