Gorillaz - Severed Head ft. Goldlink & Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. a spoon

      the beginning sounds like the home depot beat

    2. 2koolken

      Is it me or does #Goldlink sound a little like #KendrickLamar?

    3. Nicolás Cueto

      alto temardo goldlink soscrack

    4. Ollie Foss

      i hear severed head, idk where the hell youre getting soft decay from lmaoo

    5. Gonzalo Garay

      Gorillaz what for cyborg noddle? Is the lost chord,

    6. applepornography

      I love how the beat sounds like a train chugging along.

    7. Nick Lawson

      And here I was thinking he was saying “Selfie Vape” ala Eric Andre

    8. George Sanchez

      Brilliant 👌

    9. Reuben C003

      Ruban sounds so goooood

    10. Viruzino


    11. Kostadinos delta

      This song is antivirus

    12. SKG NATION

      That's the dude who's mates w Denzel Curry!

    13. Sully Sullivan

      are we going to pretend he didn't say "I never learnt to speak brazilian?"

      1. Atyzin

        I mean, brazillian portuguese is pretty different from the one in Portugal

    14. chloe x

      I thought goldlinks part was “I never learned to speak resilient” it’s definitely not i never learned to speak a zillion lol

    15. Amorhpous

      This would have been an interesting episode

    16. Ceda

      before seeing this i thought it said "do the monkey do the thing" :(

    17. Solari

      This collab is so crazy, even by Gorillaz standards, and it works so well.

    18. applepornography

      Anyone who can sing along to this song has my respect, it has so many lyrics that are sung Superfast.

    19. Flaming Calibers

      I bet you didn't remember this song

      1. Atyzin

        Yeah, but now i listen to it 3 times in different times to keep me alive now

    20. Zenx Nix

      Severed head...oh like the one in noodles closet

    21. Bestowic Primer

      Do your fans even try to think abstractly and connect any esoteric meanings with "inside culture" the comments... are retarded. I bet you just love them all so much. No panoramic view. I got the I . So force yourself to do the work and live a life worth forgetting again. If I cant take her with me ill stay right here for now until I finish my work and solve the puzzle. Get off the plastic beach.

    22. crazy cat ash

      I think that they ruined noodle

    23. GTA Grinder

      this music makes me feel emo as fuck and i love it

    24. moh720

      HOOOLY SHIT, yo this beat familar as fuck. Google tatami galaxy ed, and compare it to the beginning of this.

    25. vaporwave palmtree

      I thought he said salty yay

    26. automattyc

      This is the theme song for the "Hereditary"

    27. Barto Terrizzano

      salty gec

    28. Robin Could

      Wait, did the official lyric video just put in the wrong lyrics? He says "I never learned to speak a zillion" They put "I never learned to a speak zillion"

    29. Big Slappy

      i don’t hear severed head or soft decay or whateverweuogwrougtewuoteghw all i hear is “salty gec”, which i believe means that in song machine season two gorillaz will collaborate with 100 gecs thank you goodnight tri state area seriously though, the fact that this song has been the biggest grower from the album to me when i had no idea what to think about it before is... wow?

    30. cuakhead the YouTube's

      Its like green laser or brainstorm

    31. Gregory Barrientos

      Why is no one talking about how this sounds SO SIMILAR to 68 State from D-Sides?

    32. ArBen205

      Soy el único que piensa que el inicio de la cancion se parece a la musica de fondo del menu de fornite?

    33. Siman Li

      I love the lyrics of this. Severed Head is just like a poem.

    34. Carmelo Ruiz

      I feel like soft decay fits better

    35. Yeruti Battilana


    36. Alpha Lax

      Now just waiting for "Applebee's Toilet"

    37. Wetherby VEVO

      This is the sequel to Rockit?

    38. Deakyn

      RIP to the people who only listened to this song once.

    39. Morag Jackson-Bougrine

      I thought the "severed head" at the beginning said "salty death"

    40. Insane Sexy Robot

      Boa pra caralho! Tooooop

    41. Ya Boi Ace

      God damn the lyrics kinda freak me out in a way

    42. Madmouse 101

      Hehehe- *heads go bounce*

    43. Patrick Cooper De La Gala Herrera

      a day before: me listening to Hunnybee today: youtube recommends me Severed Head It's so kool :")

    44. débora b

      "I never learned to speak Brazilian" - but Brazilian isnt a language ,! - we dont speak spanish !!# ow chatão você ein mlk 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 já tendeu viu 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 tu escuta golirazz e acha que tem moral pra corrigir os cara?? vai tomar banho seu indie eboy 👍🏾🤙🏾 tô sentindo a catinga daqui pprt 🙏🏾 os manos foda-se 🤝 e você bua bua 👎🏽👎🏽 bolsonario

    45. rosey tone

      2:08 *Absolute Euphoria*

    46. Cardenas Solano

      ¿Alguien habla español? ಥ‿ಥ

      1. Oscar Calmar


      2. Alan Grim


    47. Raphael Sena

      He is literally not saying “severed head”. HE’S SAYING “salty dead” AND THAT IS FINAL!

    48. UniqueDough

      sounds like the home depot theme

    49. Vecinalfish Pac

      2:07 Best Part Of This Entire Song

    50. 2D

      sOfT dEcAy!!!!

    51. thepopo592

      Holy fuckin shit is this song fire

    52. Kaan Septicher

      I am a simple man, I see Murdoc on the thumbnail I click

    53. Santiago Ramirez

      "Soft decay" "speak brazillian" "gerónimo" EVERYTHING IS NERFED

    54. BlouBear77


    55. Tiktok Compilation

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    56. kwestak

      Why this track is not on the CD/LP???????

      1. Ms. Tusspot

        Because it is in the deluxe edition. ;)

    57. worm

      Anyone else think that the beginning sound the like Home Depot theme?

    58. Yikesnobueno

      Love the home depot type beat

    59. Thrillseeker8922

      Such a good song. Hypnotising even.

    60. Semor664

      Goldlink killed this

    61. •Airborn Ranger•

      no ones talking about 2D saying woosh

    62. ZBski

      This and “Opium” are top 2 from this album for me. This MIGHT just be #1 though

      1. Santiago Ramirez

        I totally agree my boy

    63. Henry Haubrich

      I just love how no one is talking about Goldlink in this song whatsoever 😂😂 that one narcissistic post he said about Mac Miller must’ve ruined him that bad

    64. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    65. Delilah Thoel

      I thought 2-d was saying "Salty Gek"

    66. Kostadinos delta

      More like this plz

    67. Stitch

      No way he says "Severed head" instead of "Soft decay"😅One of the best Gorillaz track ever!

    68. nsouogabriel_

      Half the views are mine

    69. abe rami

      Heed these lyrics well though fr

    70. Carlos Alberto Anguiano

      hola gorilas les huelen las axilas

    71. GOD-F3

      3:07 i see someone likes unus annus.

    72. small toons

      good, but definitely my least favorite Deluxe track

    73. Hungry Zipper


    74. Cubico Peipia

      I never heard Soft Decay. I heard Sevdid Ged

    75. Cinnamon oatmeal

      Lyrics~ [Intro: 2D] Severed head Severed head Severed head Severed head [Verse 1: GoldLink & 2D] I've been losing everything, yeah I can't keep a fuckin' thing, yeah Do the money, do the fame It seems like that controls this thing Guess my head just left the buildin' Like out the window, missed the ceiling I cannot explain this feelin' I never learned to speak Brazilian Now I'm stuck, my body left me bleedin' (severed head) Roll the train, it's passing fast It's speedin' outside My body gone, don't need the soul, ey Just take another breathe or so, ey Found on my torso I mean my neck go, where did my heart go? I mean, my leg go but where did my mind go? I guess I only gotta go where the body goes Geronimo (Stay a little longer) [Verse 2: 2D] Paradise has mountains that take a lifetime To climb in dreams, I fly above them I'm haunted by what I saw last night On angelic highways, waiting in the darkness I'm on a speeding train (severed head) I stick my head out of the carriage window (severed head) My cheeks inflate, my eyes become watery (severed head) Whoosh, my head is severed (severed head) Will you stay a little longer? [Verse 3: Ruban Nielson & 2D] Condensation makes pathways down a window pane (severed head) I don't really wanna watch you drive away What do you say? Maybe you could stay for another day Oh, baby, wait What exactly did the doctor say? I've been grinding teeth awake in bed And my aching head How could love suddenly be dead? We could swallow bread Our hunger is not easily fed I've been waitin' for sleep to come I've been breathing through these aching lungs I keep wakin' up This is worse than ever breaking up If your time is up How much more before mine is up? [Outro: GoldLink & 2D] Yeah, uh (severed head) The roundabout, the vibe is nice We all will die Yeah, I mean the roundabout (severed head) Our life is nice, we all gon' die, right? Oh, the roundabout, the vibe is nice (severed head) We all will die, yeah I mean the whole roundabout (severed head) My life is nice, we all gon' die, yeah Severed head Severed head

    76. Cinnamon oatmeal

      this song is such a banger????

    77. Doood Brooo

      1:04 they probably live in Detroit

    78. Red R.R

      And me singing "I never learn to speak brazilian "

    79. HighMess

      this year was crap. But can we all agree Gorillaz gave 2020 a sick soundtrack!

    80. OmegaPhoenix

      "Salty Gec"

    81. Ash Rodway

      This on shrooms is awsome

    82. Muji 88

      Ugh, more rap

      1. Eggroll Edison


      2. infinite Donuts


    83. Parka Kush

      Viva México cabrones!

    84. Sam Deen


    85. Dima Sobolev

      That bass is so oldschool Gorillaz, I love it

    86. Kenia Presentación

      Hay amo los Gorillaz ♥️🙈

    87. Necroboy

      2d has the weirdest lyrics sometimes

    88. Leah Waldrop


    89. Dylan Blood

      All the other lyrics for this song say soft decay and now that’s all I can hear. I really can’t hear severed head. Like at all :( and no way he says zillion either.

    90. A GZ

      Paradise has mountains that take lifetimrez 2 climb in dreams I fly above them Stay a little longer Love this song

    91. amiibler

      0:48 He says "salty can" and you cannot tell me otherwise.

    92. Kale

      Just watched hereditary...

    93. ıllıllı TʜᴇNᴏɪsʏBᴏʏ ıllıllı

      Humanz + The Fall = Severed Head❤️

    94. Party :D

      Y así es como terminó 68 state

    95. Justin Smith

      Im finally getting to this one on Halloween. Lol

    96. janver benavidez

      I'm still waiting. Eminem x Gorillaz

    97. S Var

      Gorillaz, Goldlink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra??? It is real?

    98. Shots Ickerus

      Home depot vibes

    99. Karine Buinier

      4 the puppies & kittens in the labs and all the other animals too 😺 🙃 Petition 🇬🇧 🇬🇧🔸🇬🇧 against animal testing on peta.org.uk

    100. Big F.

      This song is literally killing me like the fact that it's that underrated.