Gorillaz presents a Song Machine Unboxing 🐴


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    Order Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez by Gorillaz here - smarturl.it/gorillaz.store
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    1. Italya Sosa

      wow tutorial from how to fill up all your room of just gorillaz merch :0 5 minute crafts bye bye

    2. jack reeda

      my brother said the black disc is the best quality of music can be recorded. modern DVD cant get the same result as vynil record..idk how to spell vyinlvyniol vinyl.. wtv

    3. Decan

      Why is no one talking about the way he grips the fucking vinyl.

    4. Michael 15

      Was it intentional that they picked PAC-MAN to play on the fifth part of the review or..

    5. •guss•

      No es el caballo de retosando?

    6. GTA Grinder

      this looks like some kids channel video

    7. Zoe

      “If I keep watching this maybe it’ll make sense” No

    8. Robot_J

      I want the stickers just the stickers

    9. ÓSCAR DE LA VIDA, 618

      Wow, gorillaz doing his own unboxing

    10. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    11. flamewave64

      First TomSka and now this... British people must really like their horse masks

    12. Gabriel Cleveland

      Yo, I'd like to unbox my copy, but still haven't received it and heard nothing back from customer service!

    13. Elta Quito :3

      Pinchi Lizbeth Rodríguez se compró toda la colección y hasta unbixing hizo

    14. LeCarmeloth

      The video: *starts* Plastic Beach: *0:41*

    15. Mauro F. Rovira Romano

      HAHA 😆, this video is awesome. Made my day

    16. UnwantedGuy

      Im still wondering where did they get the sounds

    17. Frozzt00

      Sucks, same shit of images in all boxes. Where is the difference?

    18. Ramen Man

      I love it

    19. Miq Barrera


      1. KHYLE!!!! ART'S


    20. ツsc6utツ


    21. ツsc6utツ


    22. ツsc6utツ


    23. NBD_SLAYER9

      I kinda feel like this is murdoc

    24. Asher

      This failed the vibe check

    25. Empanadasdemetano

      Lastima, soy pobre

    26. Hungry Zipper


    27. carol delcorde

      Ha ha le capitalisme

    28. carol delcorde

      Beau marché pour acheter...puis je l’avoir gratuitement...je suis pauvre...

    29. MrEesGaming

      Me: Watches this My bank account: "That'll cost ya more than a space shuttle".

    30. Twilight Zone Official

      Who here is getting every copy?

    31. Paweł Pośrednik

      I think that the horse is Damon

      1. KHYLE!!!! ART'S


    32. Yubi K.

      Pretty sure that’s Damon in his birthday suit.

    33. PNKMNKY

      hope u cleaned those cds cuz it not good to leave them on the floor.

    34. João Gabriel

      Is that the horse from horsing around?

    35. YELDAH

      what a waste of packaging lol, still a cool style of marketing especially with the whole tape per character kinda thing, but it probably makes buying the full set VERY expensive

    36. ModestMice

      A few FYI's: the horse was first in Momentary Bliss, and they also filmed Momentary Bliss in that room. Similarly, ScHoolboy Q was filmed in this room during PAC-MAN and I assume other rooms in the video were the same building. Most likely one of Damon's personal places.

    37. Козак дЖора.

      В мене лише єдине питання: ну чому в мене нема грошей 😭😭😭 Відчуваю себе малою дитиною, яка дуже хоче різні дорогі цяцьки, але батьки не дозволяють і вона ось-ось почне істерити.)

    38. E McKnight

      Odd but good

    39. Daniela Arias Toro

      My God, I need him in my life so 😍 love him so much that I want to explode 😍😍😍

    40. Ryan Torres

      Yo dude I never realized the apartment the gorillaz were staying in was based off a real apartment, thats sick

    41. Del Gato Game-cat

      Hey, isn’t that the horse from Horsin’ around?

    42. ihatecakee

      I can’t believe bojack is a gorillaz fan

    43. TheAmbush_BR

      Horsillaz... uh, cringe...

    44. Jayden Castillo

      That is so me

    45. your spleen is now consumed

      Man that guy really is a w(h)inn(y)er

    46. Samantha Estrada

      Horsey is a good boy in my book 👍

    47. GW JC1814

      Español: 0% English: 0% Français: 0% iiiiiiii brrr: 100%

    48. the hevy

      Glad to see they haven't abandoned CDs. That's the only way I can physically play music.

    49. YamiAlius

      What is this, a crossover episode?

    50. white elixer

      Hey can i order this in php?

    51. Çãñdy

      HAhah why is there a horse man?

    52. Alien Reggae

      First thing you should make plushies

    53. Fuzunga

      Not gonna lie, I’m kind of bothered that the deluxe CD comes in a stupid cardboard sleeve.

    54. Louie Disasters

      Is horseman gonna be a new character?

    55. Louie Disasters

      I saw this on tiktok

    56. Yacelany Aulacio


    57. Luis Umana

      I've never been more excited and scared at the same time.

    58. TheKoyn

      Excuse me fans, where's my transcript for this video

    59. generalmente luca

      With all that sound effects looks like an episode of ed edd and eddy

    60. headass steph

      wow..this spoke words to me...

    61. Missy PeePee Queen

      I wonder what was the thought process behind this lol.

    62. KebMo LL

      I love it!

    63. Ari Tejo

      DUUUUUUDE, I thought this was about Ket

    64. Don Nadie

      bojack horseman

    65. Betti Luu

      Me hicieron querér comprarlo

    66. Toy in Toys México

      The horse Is really funny

    67. Oliver Davies

      Am I the only one who wants to die after watching this

    68. IIIOldSchooLIII

      I'll be disappointed if that isn't Damon under that mask.

    69. Frigid Dude


    70. Lady Lynx

      Gorillaz: make an unboxing video Noodle: **war flashbacks**

    71. Onaje McDowelle

      STICKERS !!!

    72. DIego Isidoro Paredes

      Just in my birthday

    73. Abnner Esteban de la o

      i need

    74. BorgManTV

      i need subtitles

    75. Laudi

      Amigo, re eeeeeepico

    76. wonderstorms

      i wish i was rich so i could just... get these

    77. Enrique Huamanyauri

      back in the 90s I was in a very famous britpop band 🎶

      1. KHYLE!!!! ART'S


    78. Macabre Citrus

      Doggy doggy what now ? Is this a crossover episode ?

    79. Sabby D

      All very nice but not all of us live in wealthy countries or have money. So this is a wish full dream, a good one though. Grateful I have every cd but this one. My favourite band over the last 15 years

    80. Shelly Kater

      And im 🌌b r o k e🌌

    81. p tttak

      the cringeness is top notch

    82. 幽霊Thaís

      C A V A L O

    83. Zelda

      My buss driver fist pumped me for liking this band, I knew having a crush on animated characters was the way to go

    84. Sun King

      damon jamie what the hell

    85. acqua61

      Goooood is beautiful

    86. Scoundrel 666 SFB

      Someone tell the horse you don't have to wear a towel with boxers on.

    87. sUnye

      I'm thinking that he could be the new member of gorillaz and they have never told us (or they had him locked in the basement and were thinking of the right moment to get him out) mmm ... to think guys

    88. dangeldoll

      1:28 that's right, Bojak doesn't have a CD player

    89. sophia gonzalez


    90. emma

      This makes me think more about being poor

    91. pingu eats a lot

      How can a house afford to buy things from the gorillaz website but I can't?

    92. Zin1X

      Theres lots of lore to be found here, like: 1. Horses are now a canonical part of the Gorillaz universe 2. Horses are able to open packages 3. Horses have human hands

    93. essenza

      Is this all included in a single purchase? Or do you buy these individually?

    94. ladynikkie

      I pre-ordered the almanac, the Pac-Man shirt, the deluxe CD, and the noodle bundle (from the EU website)

    95. Gorillaz 2020

      Me: looking at the song machine unboxing Also me: 👁💧👄💧👁

    96. el erizo

      I want it to be gorillaz heart please are the best

    97. Virgil Williams

      So he has a Numark TTX turntable. Even the horse have a good taaste in Turntables. Glad it wasn't 1200's

    98. Liam Mccarthy

      Anyone received this yet?? Exactly how much Ketamine do you get?

    99. Angel Perez

      Mierda y la canción???