Gorillaz present Song Machine | THE MACHINE IS 🔛 ❗️ (Mixed by Noodle)


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    Song Machine Season One, mixed by Noodle. Order now gorillaz.com
    This is your sneak peek at "THE MACHINE IS 🔛 ❗️"- a Song Machine mixtape, crafted by guitarist Noodle. Featuring music from Song Machine presented in an order of her own, as found in full on the cassette tape of the same name that can be yours at gorillaz.com !
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    1. Strange Timez (feat. Robert Smith)
    2. The Valley of The Pagans (feat. Beck)
    3. The Lost Chord (feat. Leee John)
    4. MLS (feat. JPEGMAFIA and CHAI)
    5. With Love To An Ex (feat Moonchild Sanelly)
    6. Désolé (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)
    7. Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
    8. Pac-Man (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
    9. Simplicity (feat. Joan As Police Woman)
    10. Dead Butterflies (feat. Kano and Roxani Arias)
    11. Chalk Tablet Towers (feat. St Vincent)
    12. The Pink Phantom (feat. Elton John and 6LACK)
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    1. ? Who?

      Did Noodle say the N word

      1. chiyo kun

        she didn't

    2. HHH37

      this mix is beautiful.

    3. Cassie Rose


    4. nyssa

      2021 anyone?

    5. puglee

      yeah it's "yabai"

    6. Your local Melon

      Can we see the fedex crate she was found in?

    7. sinnerintheblack

      Aries mi favorita 🤩

    8. lastlivingsoul


    9. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series please

    10. Christopher Posada

      Damn y’all guys simps 600k views

    11. Kenner zuniga

      1:30 piola👍

    12. alexander XD

      porfa hagan más cosas que tengan que ver con la historia de gorillaz 😭😭😭.

      1. Diego Martínez

        Lo que pasa es que Song Machine es un disco que involucra a Gorillaz más con la música que con la historia, además Gorillaz se quedó sin historia desde Plástic Beach, así que es muy baja probabilidad que regrese la historia o hagan otra historia, ya sea diferente o que tenga que ver con Song Machine

    13. Camila Cabello

      No me gusta esta música 😒

      1. Diego Martínez


    14. Monika

      Noodle ;D

    15. Pana Miguel

      Noodle is beautiful 😳😳

    16. isaac uwu


    17. edward18517

      I was expecting Murdoc to pop up at the end and say "It's me!"

    18. わさびんわさびん


    19. Jonatan Darkside

      Oni blizko

    20. Jonatan Darkside


    21. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    22. 酉熊谷


    23. EverythingNotSaved

      I love everything about her

    24. Shady09-02

      Noodle in the pfp is adorable

    25. Doge R.

      Side A: Noodle's very wicked song machine mix Side B: Machine is on(Kansai style text in the end)

    26. Yungandrekless

      So apparently Noodle got some "Ex niggas blowing up her DMs"

    27. trunks38109

      I love the thumbnail image

    28. Anthony

      I want all the sounds, has official clip of them separated ?

    29. cnstzzz xd

      Encontrame vikiajjaaj

    30. Lain


    31. Byron Steel

      Happy birthday to us Noodle. 😆🤙 Edit: Love you baby!

    32. Adrian


    33. Mergie S

      I dropped £25 to own every cassette. I just had to.

    34. Levi Trigg

      Just take away that three seconds and this video would be legendary

    35. Hola Perro

      I love

    36. Raul Gonzalez

      Hey guys/ladies can you all fill me in on the release date? How would one get a hold of this when it drops? Is it gonna be a physical copy? Or download? Thanks in advance. Bless you all.

      1. infinite Donuts

        Iits already out on all music streaming appz

    37. Kit

      are each of the character's mixes supposed to be different, or sound the same? not complaining at all, im just a lil bit of a stoner and after having listened to all four one after the other, i was like "wait these all sound the same" i could totally be missing key things that make each character's mixtape distinctly different- can someone help? hehe thank u

    38. Pixel Gato

      Twenty one pilots es mucho mejor !!


        Como te atreves a decir esa barbaridad


        Como te atreves

    39. SpicY RameN

      Omg the first and second songs slaps hard

    40. Nour Nahhass

      madden 20

    41. Sr Archucha

      Pues no se ni madres no hablo taka taka

    42. Alex west

      I have done my shift of spamming comments so people know song machine is out early goodnight

    43. Alex west

      ITS OUT

    44. Wildo

      Gorillaz: the only band who makes as much collabs as rappers nowadays

    45. Angry Santa

      I ship 2oodle

    46. sethe johnson

      hufast.info/plan/vide/rp7Ea5mo12XdhaM 🦋

    47. Juan Ignacio Fuentes Reinoso

      3:01 is trap?

      1. Ace 17

        Kind of

    48. Cami Ckamilleon


    49. Sebastian Villenas

      3:35 just release this song its so good u idiot pickle monster thing

    50. Di Vel

      With love to a ex. Am I the only one who loves this one so much :(

    51. Vecinalfish Pac

      1.Strange Timez 2.Valley Of The Pagans 3.The Lost Chord 4. MLS 5.With Love To An Ex 6.Desolé 7.Aries 8.PAC MAN 9.Simplicity 10.Dead Butterflies 11.Chalk Tablet Towers 12. The Pink Phantom

    52. Celeste Gonsales delgado

      0:23 song?

    53. richard griffin

      i bought the deluxe version of this album and went to rip it onto my pc and it just comes up as unknown artist and no tracklisting....anyone else had this problem?

    54. 0_PlusUltra

      Did anyone else hear a CHAI feature? The Japanese pop-rock band?

    55. Blockistium

      I wanted to see Noodle dancing :(

    56. 佐藤正吾

      00:46 The Lost Chord beautiful song

    57. NachoRocket69


    58. Dino Irish

      Still the best band on the planet. Long live GORILLAZ!!!

    59. Minato Namikaze

      oh man this slaps, cant wait for the whole thing, just drop it already

    60. orangelephantses

      I cant wait for the Joan as police woman collab 😍

    61. Dave Sharpe

      Thanks, Noodle! ✌❤😊

    62. Vinzent Wallner

      what happened to momentary bliss??

      1. infinite Donuts

        Again, these are the songs Noodle picked for her cassete tape

    63. koobisoft

      The 2nd song sounds amazing holy crap

    64. Spoiled Sushi

      1:36 is what???????? omg ..so sick

    65. Patrick Reichert

      can't wait for the moonchild track

    66. Steph_our _Queen

      Murdoc’s mix and this one are my favorites!

    67. M e t r o n o m e

      I’ve watched each of these mixtapes at least 7 times each

    68. M3W s

      1:30 is my fav

    69. Stuffzz

      I like valley of pegans but cmon am I the only one hyped for “love to an ex”

    70. luchorro

      1:52 the best song

    71. Shadowkiller 420

      Nobody going to mention the ex-niggas line

      1. infinite Donuts

        @The Fitness Gram Pacer Test yea

      2. The Fitness Gram Pacer Test

        @Shadowkiller 420 It wouldn't be racist, when black people say Nigg*a their talking about a dude or their friends or brothers, in her case she was talking about ex-boyfriends or dudes who she f*cked with who keep blowing up her phone. I can also say this cause I'm black sooo...

      3. Shadowkiller 420

        @The Fitness Gram Pacer Test So

      4. The Fitness Gram Pacer Test

        the woman who sung that was black, chile

    72. Edgar Sanchez


    73. coco loonas

      i want these so bad but they're sold out

    74. coco loonas

      i love song machine so much QQ

    75. coco loonas

      the cassette is so cute

    76. PNKMNKY

      I always found noodle awesome.

    77. 三浦卓磨

      シールのデザインがすごいLINE STAMPみだ…

    78. ThatGuyEvan223

      With Love to An Ex sounds hard as hell, so do all the other songs, can't wait to hear the full thing!!!!

    79. Jeremiah Moreira

      X neegas

    80. JessicaAndPineapple :3

      Sounds like credits

    81. Haiti's Space Agency

      song @ 1:36?

      1. infinite Donuts

        With Love To An Ex

    82. Kizi LAUD

      1.30 что за трэк | 1.30 what a track


      It would be nice if the 3:00 minute song put it as episode 8, I loved it and I can't wait to hear it.

    84. James Swenson

      Dammmn no momentary bliss?

      1. infinite Donuts

        These are the songs Noodle picked for her cassete tape.


      Soy el único mexicano q escucha esto ?

    86. dildonius

      Interesting that _How Far?_ feat. Tony Allen & Skepta is literally the ONLY song that isn't on ANY of the cassette tapes. EVERY other song - basic album tracks & Deluxe edition bonus tracks - are spread throughout these 4 tapes. Except for _How Far?,_ which I find especially odd considering how at home it would feel on Russel's mixtape. Of course the bonus track that's EXCLUSIVE to the JAPANESE version of the Deluxe Edition album - _Taxi Back to 80s Reykjavik_ - isn't on any of them either, but that makes a smidge more sense...even if it should be on Noodle's mix.....

    87. Ama ne kanalı

      Gorillaz:Look this is remixed by Noodle Fans: Ah fuck YES YES YES

    88. 甘味鈴五

      ヌードル可愛い 天才やな

    89. Naiko


    90. Paulina Jara

      Secos!¡ =(☆_☆)= ♡♡♡

    91. DragonLord Skater

      But what about Momentary Bliss?

    92. BRSGT

      does anyone think with love to an ex sounds interesting??

      1. infinite Donuts


    93. Franski AS

      Désolé the best song!!

    94. Fragor3D

      This is just spoilers

      1. infinite Donuts

        _To get you excitedd_

    95. JrGameplays

      I'm the only one who's hyped for With Love To An Ex?

      1. Carlos Ramos

        I’m pretty hyped on it! I love when Gorillaz go back to that dark first album style

    96. stomcode

      Everyone​ is either​ talking​ about​ The Lost Chord or The Pink Phantom​ and I'm here vibing to MLS =/

    97. Sayuri Mizu

      I love you noodle aaa

    98. Chris C.

      Now seems like as good a time as any to start listening to _Joan as Police Woman._ Any recs on where to start?

    99. Chris Moon

      I was born in the late 70's, and I remember watching those little cassette reels rolling round and round while listening to my fav music, and all I can say is thank you for putting that in a video, I am yet again *MESMERIZED* and blown back to a better day when life was easier for me, thank you Gorillaz!