Gorillaz present: A Flamin' Hot Song Machine Mix by Russel Hobbs 🔥


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    Song Machine Season One, mixed by Russel Hobbs. Order here - smarturl.it/gorillaz.store
    Here with a taste of his flamin’ hot Song Machine Mix... it’s Russel Hobbs 🔥
    Spice things up with your own Song Machine at gorillaz.com
    1. Strange Timez (feat. Robert Smith)
    2. The Valley of The Pagans (feat. Beck)
    3. The Lost Chord (feat. Leee John)
    4. Pac-Man (feat. ScHoolboy Q)
    5. Friday 13th (feat. Octavian)
    6. The Pink Phantom (feat. Elton John and 6LACK)
    7. Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
    8. MLS (feat. JPEGMAFIA and CHAI)
    9. Opium (feat. EARTHGANG)
    10 Dead Butterflies (feat. Kano and Roxani Arias)
    11. Momentary Bliss (feat. Slowthai and Slaves)
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    1. i ibraahim Hassan

      Omg blm

    2. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series please!!!

      1. MixMasterMeow Govender

        Thats the only animae i will watch

    3. Kyle Evans

      Where can you hear the full songs? Also are all the mix videos the same? Or are there like 5 versions of each song? I’m pretty confused

    4. steampunk spaghetti cat

      Yes Russel BLM

    5. Monika

      Russel ;D

    6. karen gavel

      love gorillaz

    7. nephos

      respect for Russel

    8. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    9. armasandoval52

      2d: blueberry Russel: gentle giant Noodle: japanese tomboy Murdoc: P I C K L E

    10. Jacob Mallia

      I recently got each cassette and they pretty good but I have one complaint Why doesn’t the Russel one have the black fist on it and it only seen on this video That’s all Great project so far and looking forward to season 2 the Netflix film and maybe even the plastic beach tracks and story we never got to see

      1. MixMasterMeow Govender

        WAIT WHAT THERES A NETFLIX SHOW?! ight imma head and watch it now

    11. I’m a crepe

      It’s a shame this is the only cassette Opium appears on, good thing I bought all of them

    12. Zach

      Hell yeeessss

    13. Pae

      Was that frank ocean?????

    14. Dadcool and Heatboy

      it's dope , cool!!!

    15. talking stone

      Brit Pop is back

    16. Val Tapia

      OPIUM!!!!! 💖💖💖

    17. Leyza Fool

      Are these different songs from the gorillaz teasing the new songs in season 2 or 1, we will see! 👀

    18. Emi GASO

      Vaya vaya denle like los que hablan español que me siento solo ;(

      1. antônio el pró


    19. Memestar 22

      Jeez Dead Butterflies (feat. Kano and Roxani Arias) sounds like a slap

    20. Colin Miller

      Sad how no one is talking about how good opium is :(

      1. antônio el pró

        I liked opium

    21. Marcy Marcy

      I hope Gorillaz keep producing stuff till I get grandsons

    22. Vecinalfish Pac

      1.Strange Timez 2.Valley Of The Pagans 3.The Lost Chord 4.PAC MAN 5.Friday 13th 6.The Pink Phantom 7.Aries 8. MLS 9.Opium 10.Dead Butterflies 11.Momentary Bliss

    23. Michael Williams


    24. Michael Williams


    25. Paty Cruz


      1. antônio el pró


    26. RubRrl

      2:56 one favorite someone's part

      1. David Harper

        In the Song Machine Live show, Opium is the bomb and this moment is fire x10....

      2. antônio el pró


      3. Samuraiuni

        Its so fire

    27. KicK On BeatS


    28. Rhesus

      I like that

    29. Mychael Torrero

      im pretty hyped for MLS tbh definitely going in my first three songs on my playlist when it drops

    30. ByJuan 299


    31. Fearghal Murélaga O'Sullivan

      Why no one hyping opium? GORILLAZ x EARTHGANG!!!

    32. Oswaldo Cázares

      Me encantó, esté el mejor mezcla de song machine de Gorillaz. I loved it, this is the best Gorillaz song machine mix.

    33. Crow Carmichael

      Is that a HFG sticker from regular show?

    34. headass steph

      VALLEY OF THE PAGANS, LOST CHORD AND OPIUM IM SO EXCITED FOR!!! also dead butterflies has a beat that I’m surprised Gorillaz is starting out but I’m kinda loving it

    35. Bababooey


    36. Coarctate

      Sounds like something out of Phineas and Ferb

    37. Emilio Cano

      I can't wait 1 week, its a lot of time

    38. a girl with a 2-D profile pic

      Why did Murdoc's mix become privatized?

    39. Gabi Gabrielle

      Gorilas espero que vocês voltem

    40. Hurricane carter


    41. Rodrigo Cuba

      Y la caratula de strange timez

      1. TheLastPizzaRoll

        From a different comment "It was a small accident, the team uploaded Russel’s mix instead of Murdoc’s. We’ll see Pickle’s mix soon. "

    42. UnBanned Finally

      Wait why did "Mudz" Playlist get privated. Thats the one I was most excited about.

      1. Circletine Tauv

        It was a small accident, the team uploaded Russel’s mix instead of Murdoc’s. We’ll see Pickle’s mix soon.

    43. kanei ken 2

      Gorillaz was wondering If the possible collaboration with Bad bonie is true, I don't like the way he sings, I'm from Mexico

    44. thenanoplayers

      Why are you guys spam posting the same song with a new tittle

    45. ESTEFII _P A L T A

      Pac man 😍 xd amo tooooooooodddddddaaaaaaaaassssssss ahhhhhh🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰🤩😍🤩🥰🤩😍🥰🤩🥰😍🥰🤩🤩🥰😍🥰😍🥰🤩🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🤩🤩🥰😍🥰🤗😍🤩🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩😍😍😍🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🤩😍🤩😍🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰🤩

    46. スミスタイラ

      I think gorillaz released Murdoc’s mix to early, saw it 46 minutes ago and now private, Love they shorten his name to “Mud’z Massive Machine Mix”

    47. Hope Soap


    48. Kincayd

      Bring back Mud'z Massive Machine Mix! It was uploaded 30 minutes ago and taken down.. :(

      1. TheLastPizzaRoll

        @Kincayd In other news, Pickle mix is back up :)

      2. TheLastPizzaRoll

        @Kincayd Pfft, I mean "Waaaaa-" and "whaaaaat-" but cut off lol. My bad. Have a nice day XD

      3. Kincayd

        @TheLastPizzaRoll Re-read the conversation and see who was rude first.

      4. TheLastPizzaRoll

        @Kincayd Yikes, didn't think you had to be rude :I

      5. Kincayd

        @TheLastPizzaRoll Okay child.

    49. Ana karolina Nunes barbosa


    50. Fantatic on

      wow XD

    51. Mapache

      Russel has some interesting music taste... I FUCKIN LOVE IT

    52. Enimo

      BLM sticker

    53. tns siah

      Like how you made murdoc's private not like that is my favorite character

      1. Circletine Tauv

        It was a small accident, they uploaded Russel’s mix instead of Murdoc’s. It’s cool, we’ll see the pickle’s mix soon enough.

      2. Kincayd

        ikr??? WTF! It's still showing on my notifications

      3. dead groupie

        IKR im so confused lets file a complaint

    54. Jhonny :v

      I would like a collaboration with AC DC it would be great

    55. Delilah

      why don’t we get a murdoc mix?

      1. ladynikkie

        They have one, they haven't uploaded it yet.

    56. Gabriel Goma

      What's your plan?


      Still waiting for gorlliazs to collab with daft punk

    58. Alex west

      Oh my god MLS might turn out to be my favorite gorillaz track the demonic laughing combined with the guitar , broooooooooooo

    59. IamY5150

      The Valley of The Pagans sounds like they are collaborating with Smash Mouth for some reason.


      Me gusta creo que más las antiguas canciones

    61. Mooz Doomz

      Opium kinda sounds like the good future themes from sonic CD.

      1. TheLastPizzaRoll

        Always happy to find a fan of the true Sonic Four

    62. htttpkale

      Murdocs mix is already on spotify if you are still waiting for it

    63. Pinguing642

      Im so excited for Beck and Gorillaz.

    64. Ya Boi Ace

      Can’t wait for in the valley sound like a banger

    65. FunnyMonkey Fungus

      Do you ship to the united states???

      1. ladynikkie

        Yeah they do, and the official webstore (has better stuff than the US store) sells all 4 cassettes in a bundle.

    66. 2D's blue-ty shorts

      WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT OPIUM??? God, it's so good.

    67. Sir Romando

      So fucking hyped for that Peggy collab.

    68. Ryan Bettencourt

      Russel out here looking like a Punch Out character

    69. pein260

      11 tracks on the vinyl baby!!!

    70. dv

      love these songs! would love to listen to them one day

    71. Ya Boi Ace

      Tbh the Album start really good then they started to lose me but I love the new songs so much

    72. happy face


    73. The Gruddie

      So these mixes are just clips of the same songs you have already posted? Just post the songs themselves, ignore your marketing team's dumb ideas. The world needs less waste, be the change.

    74. dildonius

      Opium is a song that's probably gonna make me sad when I inevitably listen to it while smoking a wad of the black tar heroin and thinking about just how badly I fucked up over these last 10 years and how it's finally over for good because she's got a new boyfriend now and has moved in with him to boot. Yep. That'll be fun. Got to make sure to buy a nice pair of high-quality over-the-ear headphones when my copies of these 4 beautiful cassette tapes, along with the cassette walkman that I ordered (which conveniently is capable of transferring cassette tape tracks to .mp3 files) so I can actually...y'know...LISTEN to them lol, finally arrive.

      1. happy face

        @dildonius thats a LOT TO READ 😂

      2. dildonius

        @happy face _😯_

      3. happy face


    75. Vile Runner

      Lost chord and pagans are gonna be the best of the whole machine

    76. Goth Drummergrl

      Russel is underrated

    77. fish hutchings

      please i want one but theyre sold out stop dangling it in my face ):

    78. ZADQ

      Un verdadero Fan de Gorillaz aún lo sigue


      Chafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa te creas

      1. Pingu Fachero


    80. TOXIC PLAYER mr9

      e esta mejor que la original 9/10

    81. Cosby

      Opium got me hyped

    82. Thequents Rogs

      Good vibes 😎

    83. kikosawa

      Waiting forward so much for *The Lost Chord* guys. You should have made the video for this one.

    84. Jeness Torres

      New songs coming yay

    85. Ghost Fox

      Kind of nice. Still want to check each one out as a whole.

    86. Mike Arsen

      friday 13th

    87. 80RP

      That dead butterflies though ☠️ 🧈🦟

    88. StoneDiamond

      everyone talking about The Valley of The Pagans but The Lost Chord is what I am the most excited for

    89. meow

      i’m so excited for MLS and valley of the pagans 😩

    90. Дарья Лютая

      wow great

    91. RatioChillOut

      My favourite band and my favourite rap duo on opium, my life is complete

    92. Dereck Castillo


    93. Kismet Pickle

      I’m crying pls help me

    94. Sheldon Eagleman

      Broo the first 2 blended so beautifully

    95. Master_Link0007

      I wonder if ace will make a return?🤔

    96. José Antonio Martínez


    97. Daniel Helman

      Best mix at the time...

    98. The Rookie cop

      Sounds like this time its a mish mash of challange albums by the band to see who's album is best. Is it 2D's? Murdoc's, Noodle's or Russel's? YOU DESIDE!

    99. b࿐l࿐u࿐e࿐ owo

      That chili sticker I-

    100. the Ruby maker

      What if this was just drums