Gorillaz | Machine Bitez #17 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle


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    Song Machine: Machine Bitez #17 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle
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    1. OverDose

      2D and Noodles should be a thing 2Noodles

    2. Wednesday Herrick

      I totally with to 2-d with the "I think i'm pagan. probably 2/3 pagan" thing

    3. RoxyDB

      Actually, there are Christmas presents if you’re a pagan, Christmas started out as a pagan holiday

    4. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series! !!!

    5. bingus

      An actual gorillaz podcast would be interesting, to me atleast

    6. Peebles

      This is the only one i can understand without a transcript

    7. Danna ಠᴥಠ

      :l Me gustaría saber inglish :'D

    8. Angel Soul

      Who is the voice of 2-D?

    9. Tiktok Compilation

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    10. LiAdam7u7

      Alguien me lo traduce a español por favor :"(?

    11. Christian Caster

      I like seeing these. Nice to have the band talk to each other.

    12. Captain Braggy

      Murdoc sounds like he's gonna present Top Gear and 2D sounds lile he's gonna star in a Soothouse video

    13. edward18517

      2D: "I think I might be a bit pagan-" Murdoc: "I always thought that." XD

    14. Bryce Rice

      Russel : what you want for Christmas Murdoch : omnitrix

    15. boogieman.


    16. passos77

      Clip GTA V?

    17. Thanh-Dat Le


    18. amaticcs universe

      murdoc: valle de los paganos, ¿Cuál es el significado de eso? ya sabes.. noodle. significa que dios esta en todo y a la ves en ninguna parte russel: omnipresencia murdoc: omnipresencia russel: ese es el mejor tipo de presencia para tener murdoc. oh si... omnipresencia russel:¿que quieren para navidad? 2-D: no hay regalos de navidad si eres pagano murdoc: bueno, creo que es verdad russel: oh si ------------------------- 2-D: pienso que soy un poco pagano murdoc: siempre pensé eso russel: oh si 2-D: contando serian como dos tercios pagano russel. si, y que seria el otro tercio 2-D:eh.. croydon

      1. ronax show

        Gracias por la traducción

    19. Laz Churchyard

      What're we doing now? Disparaging witches?

    20. Noodle

      I love Noodles voice!

    21. Alyssa LS

      damn remember when 2d was buddhist. is buddhism pagan?

    22. Emanuel Mendoza

      murdoc talk so strange

    23. Garland Garrison

      Noodle: Shinto Russell: Nation of Islam Murdoc: Satanist 2D: Buddhist Yes it's official

      1. Hiena [REC]

        Now, why in russel's old website pc was an image of noah's ark?

    24. Randall Clark

      *punches 2D* sry if i offemded yall he is just so cute i wanna kill him

    25. Grumpy Goose

      "There's no Christmas presents if you're pagan" And that's why I celebrate Yule.

      1. currwhibble

        witch friend

    26. maggotbreath

      as a pagan this is swag

    27. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

      It means the lead singer of Blur & the creator of Tank Girl play GTA5.

    28. Djreray Aloha!

      "Art is my religion" -Erykah Badu. #ErykahBadu

    29. Adam Macko

      Is this like a podcast ? And when yes than where can I hear the full version ? Spotify ? itunes ? audible ?

    30. J. R.

      "Why GTA?"

    31. J. R.

      "Do you play GTA?"

    32. Lotus Prince

      "There are no Christmas presents when you're a pagan." Eh, Christmas as we know it is effectively a pagan holiday.

    33. sushi _din0

      I love these so fricken much! Keep up the A M A Z I N G work

    34. Nameless Ghoulette

      2/3 Pagan 1/3 Croydon What about that Buddhist phase he went through years back?

    35. Anna Gonzalez

      What is this? Post music, not this useless stuff

    36. Edgar Stumm

      this is the most understandable one yet

    37. NaniMonique

      Can we please have Santa Russel this year? 😭😭😭

    38. andrea g.s.

      Croydon i thought he said la croiux SKDJFLS

    39. Silent-Sid

      Gorillaz are Godless ? .... DAH !

    40. danny molek

      www.paabo.ca/veneti/ This is the most modern and most accurate theory on the veneti. The Slovene propaganda book "Veneti: first builders of the European community" was bogus and the catalyst for the destruction of Yugoslavia Trump used Melanoma Knavs as a Trojan Who're to get in the Presidency. Check out Carl Jung's Epilogue book "Man: His Myth and symbols" And Sigmund Freud I'd, ego and superego

      1. danny molek

        en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Urantia_Book The Kurds worship the Peacock. The Turks always covered it up The Hindu God of war rides a peacock

      2. danny molek

        When Russell asks Them Beatles vs Them Stones The answer is and always will be the Kinks and this is because village green preservation society had more heart than Sgt pepper and their Satanic Majesties request. Even though Satanic Majesty was the second in sequence to the dark side of Oz, they only hit the marks subtly and the Beatles said 'sod it, let's just do tracks" so it was never completed as an occult mystery

      3. danny molek

        In Sky Father Sacred Tongue the syllable "knk" means good and the obvious "ped" for bad" Dheghen is the name of earth mother in protoeuropean of the genocidal horseriders the Yamnaya. Don't get me started on Yamnaya! Don't even... get me started

    41. Brayden Thomason


    42. Flaming V

      This is the most I've heard Russel and Noodle talk

    43. Vexillum Vixen

      But Christmas was originally a pagan Holliday. :/

    44. Diaspore Legassi

      These clips give me life, thank you for your existence, gorillaz!

    45. hierophant

      Still no explanation why it was suddenly in gta 5 lol

    46. Scott Peltier

      Is plastic beach back my guys?

    47. jimmy ave

      I want an omnipresent for christmas tho

    48. Dgreenmissile

      *Murdoc:* Valley of The Pagan. What’s the meaning behind that you know...? *Noodle:* It means that god is in everything, and at the same time... nowhere *Russel:* Omnipresent *Murdoc:* Omnipresent! *Russel:* That’s the best kinda present you can have *Murdoc:* Ah (2D: Yeah) uh, Yay *Russel:* What you want for Christmas? (Murdoc: omnipresent) *2D:* But it’s not Christmas presents if you’re a pagan. *Russel:* Dang, that’s true. (Murdoc: I suppose that’s true isn’t it?) You’re right you’re right. (Murdoc: Yeah I ain’t going for that) *2D:* I think I might be a bit pagan *Murdoc:* I always thought that (Russel: yeah) *2D:* I reckon about Two-thirds pagan *Russel:* Yeah. And what’s the other third? *2D:* Uh, Croydon First time transcribing these. Correct me if I’m wrong on certain parts. Specially when they’re talking on top of each other 😝

    49. TuZCaN 128

      Alguien lo traduce?

    50. Ling Ling

      where are the lyrics

    51. Alesha Mills

      Transcript for all the Americans who can't understand: Murdoc: Valley of the pagan, what's the meaning behind that? Noodle: It means that God is in everything and at the same time nowhere. Russel: Omnipresent Murdoc: Omnipresent! Russel: That's the best kind of presents to have. 2D: (Yeah) Russel: What'd you want for Christmas? Murdoc: (Omnipresent!) 2D: Well there's no Christmas presents if you're a pagan. Russel: (yeah) Murdoc: Yeah i suppose that's true 2D: Yeah Murdoc: Nah they don't go in for that 2D: I think i might be a bit pagan. Murdoc: I've always thought that. Russel: Yeah. 2D: I reckon about two thirds pagan. Russel: Yeah, and what's the other third? 2D: Uhh Croyden Please correct me if i got anything wrong!

    52. Tania Juliana Cañon Rincon

      us before the new song: great, new song!! it's going to be great!!1 We after: I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! PLASTIC BEAAAAAAAAAAAAACHHHHHH

    53. Ian González

      Muy geñal esa voz de 2-d damon

    54. Furōraru Productions


    55. ThePinkPhantom

      Murdeck: Valley of the Pagean, what's the meaning, behind that? (yeah...) Noodle: It means..... that god is in everything..... and, at the same time...... nowhere! Russel: Omnipresent. British pickle: OMnipresent. Russel: That's the best kind of present you can have. Diccals: AWww (2D: yeah) and, YEahhhh Russel: Whatch you want for christmas Baff man: Omnipresent 2D: But there's no christmas presents if you're a Pagean Russel: Dang, you're right. You're right. Sneck dude: Oh I suppose that's true you're right...... they don't go for that 2D: I think I might be a bit Pagean. Russel: Yeah... Tanning the wrong shade guy: I always thought that. 2D: I reckon about..uh.... 2/3rds Pagean. Russel: Yeah, and what's the other third? 2D: Uhh Croydon. ......I tried lol

    56. Taryn Cramer


    57. Victor Enrique

      O M N I P R E S E N T ⚪__⚪

    58. eliones angel revilla sanchez

      Donde esta el capo que lo traduce a español

    59. Harry Boi

      Noodle’s voice is like a small stream in the mountains, it flows so softly...however it’s so beautiful and sophisticated.

    60. natalia rezende marini

      M:Valle de los Paganos, Cuál es el significado detrás de eso? Tu sabes? N:Significa que Dios está en todo y al mismo tiempo en ninguna parte R:Omnipresente M:Omnipresente! R:Ese es el mejor presente que puedes tener* M:Ahhh Oh sí! (2D:-Sí) R: Qué quieres por navidad? M: Omnipresente! 2D:Bueno, no hay presentes de navidad si eres pagano R:Rayos! Tienes razón, tienes razón M:Bueno, supongo que eso es verdad, ellos no van con eso 2D:No ### 2D: Creo que yo podría ser un poco pagano R: Sí M:Siempre pensé eso 2D:Creo que soy, uh... Como 2/3 pagano R:Ah sí? Y qué es la tercera parte? 2D:Uhhh, Croyden *Gong* *Se juega con la palabra"present" en omnipresent, usandola como presencia y como presente (de regalo)

    61. Luka Likes

      "There are no Christmas presents when you're a pagan." There may not be presents in Yule but at least there's alcohol.

      1. smiley satanson

        which in terms could be given as a gift to the other pagan, which makes it a Yule present, and pagans used to give eachother a Yule log to burn

      2. TV MAN

        U mean alcoyule

      3. Laz Churchyard

        Santa Claus is pagan too, just like all the rest! And if you are a merry witch, he'll bring you all the best. So get that star up on the roof, and bake those cookies too! 'Cause Christmas time is really Yule, and Santa's pagan too!

      4. Rose

        This is definitely something Murdoc would say. LMAO

      5. CodyDiedAgain 642

        To some it up Yule is when you get drunk af and burn shit

    62. Noodle :3

      Transcript Murdoc: Valley of the Pagans, what’s the meaning behind that? Noodle (me): It means that God is in everything and at the same time...nowhere Russel: Omnipresent Mudz: Omnipresent Russ: that’s the best kind of present they have Mudz: Ah, yeah Russ: what you want for Christmas? Mudz: Omnipresent 2D: Well there’s no Christmas presents if you’re a pagan Mudz: Yeah that’s true Russ: You right *SPEEDS UP* 2D: I think I might be a bit pagan. Russ: Yea 2D: I reckon about 2/3 pagan. Russ: Yea and what’s the other term? 2D: uhhh...Croyden AAAAAAAA THIS IS A TERRIBLE TRANSCRIPT

    63. CyborgCatFromOuterSpace

      *TRANSCRIPT* - *Murdoc:* "Valley of the Pagan - what's the mean behind that? Y'know..." *Noodle:* "It means that god is in everything and at the same time... nowhere!" *Russel:* "Omnipresent!" *Murdoc:* "...Omnipresent!" *Russel:* "That's the best kind of presence to have." *Murdoc:* "Ohhhhhh hn yeeaaaa ...omnipresent!" *Russel:* "What do you want for Christmas?" *2D:* "Well, there's no Christmas presents if you're a pagan." *Russel:* "Dang, you're right, you're right." *Murdoc:* "Well I suppose that's true. [2D: "No."] You can't go for that." - *2D:* "I think _I_ might be a bit pagan." *Murdoc:* "Ohh yeah I always thought that. *2D:* "I reckon about uh.. two-thirds pagan." *Russel:* "Yehh. And what's the other third?" *2D:* "Croydon (/Creuddyn.)" [?]

      1. Alex my little Budgie

        It’s Croydon. Part of London.

      2. PunkRock131

        @A1_anbu26 It's where Damon's from, so makes sense! :)

      3. A1_anbu26

        So 2d comes from Croydon, now I'm happy

      4. Taijon


      5. SkuldXHimura

        @Raziel Druxgontaldonmedgal actually its not november and december that was added its july and august both named after julius and augustus caesar they added themselves their own months to the calender. As for christmas and pagan christmas is just the winter solstice and yes its celebrated by pagans not exactly the same traditions but indeed a lot similar many pagans also celebrate the summer solstice, basically 3 days before christmas the sun is at its lowest point in the sky and does not move for 3 days known as the death of the sun on christmas or winter solstice the sun move one centimeter north or above as perceived by astrologists/astronomers and in the summer the summer solstice its the opposite occuring, the day Easter is also actually the spring equinox. Spring and fall have equinoxes instead of solstices. Christians, catholics, most of the world do not celebrate the summer solstice just the winter christmas but many northern countries such as sweden and norway actually do still celebrate the summer solstice known as the holiday 'midsommer' which they even oddly make a horror movie about recently. Basically theres dancing, food, large get togethers, picnics, and the traditional drink is schnapps very fun experience i experienced one in summer 2014 in stockholm on my backpacking journeys

    64. Manu Kuzan

      It is in these moments when I would like to understand 100 English :(

    65. Teeter The Hoon

      [TRANSCRIPT] [I think this should be right 🤔] Murdoc: Valley of the Pagan..what's the meaning behind that, yeah Noodle: it means that God is in everything, and at the same time, no where! Russel: omnipresent. Murdoc: omnipresent! Russel: that's the best kind of present they had Murdoc: oh! Yeah- Russel: what you want for christmas? Murdoc: omnipresent ! 2d: well, there's no kinda Christmas presents if you're a Pagan Murdoc: oh I suppose that's true Russel: yeah you're right ---------------- 2d: I think I might be a bit pagan Russel: yeah I've always thought that 2d: I think I'm about two thirds Pagan Russell: and what's the other third? 2d: uh Croydon

    66. Doll I Love Ya!

      Valley of The Pagan, what's the meaning behind that? Ya know? It means that God is in everything and at the same time, nowhere. Omnipresent Omnipresent! That's the best kind of presents to have (Ahhh!) (Yeah) What you want for Christmas? Omnipresent! Well there's no Christmas presents if you're a Pagan Dang you're right Well I suppose that's true You're right Can't go for that I think I might be a bit Pagan (Yeah) I always thought that I reckon about 2 thirds Pagan Yeah, and what's the other third? Uhh Croydon

    67. Zaylu 32

      Everybody: PLASTIC BEACH!!! ME: OMG, IT'S GTA V

    68. elweinhoffer

      TRANSCRIPT (to the best of my ability): Murdoc: Valley of the Pagan, what's the meaning behind that, y'know? Noodle: It means that god is in everything, and at the same time, nowhere. Russel: Omnipresent. Murdoc: Omnipresent. Russel: That's the best kind of present to have. Murdoc: Ahhh, oh- oh, yeeeah 2D: Yeah Russel: What d'you want for Christmas? Murdoc: Omnipresent. 2D: Well, there's no Christmas presents if you're a pagan. Russel: Dang, you're right. You're right. Murdoc: Well, I suppose that's true. They don't go for that. 2D: No. ... 2D: I think I might be a bit pagan. Russel: Yeah. Murdoc: I've always thought that. 2D: I reckon about, uh.... two thirds pagan. Russel: Yeah. And what's the other third? 2D: Uh, Croydon.

      1. elweinhoffer

        @Toby Penrose This time it wasn't so bad, but sometimes it isn't the accents alone so much as it's a combination of the accents and the imperfect, telephone-call quality to the audio that makes it more difficult to understand. That said, I have family in England so I don't have as much of a problem as others.

      2. Toby Penrose

        As an English person I will never understand how people struggle to hear them haha

      3. elweinhoffer

        @Marco Polo Thank you :D

      4. Marco Polo

        You did it better than I could! Congrats

    69. Josh Waldron

      “Whats the other third?” “Errr... Croydon” 😂😂😂

    70. Cacahuate ‡


    71. fish eyes

      I love this song 🎵 ❤

    72. Desire Varela

      Plastic Beach has arrived 👁👄👁💖

    73. Pepperminty Fresh

      2D as a pagan is the only thing that can fix 2020

    74. Hannah Bright

      Russel: omnipresent Murdoc: OMNipresent! Russel: That’s the best present you’d ever have Russel: whatchu want for christmas murdoc: AAAaa uh yeah omnipresent

    75. kirkota

      русские дайте перевод(

    76. jonleftthedisco

      2/3 pagan and 1/3 croydon. yeah

    77. Emmanuel Coronel

      The Gorillaz should actually make a podcast

    78. Caio Mendes


    79. hisoka morrow

      U guys should post more on tiktok

    80. DERICK

      I like

    81. Tina

      Somebody please translate

    82. Top Kali

      Transcript, please.

    83. Cadie Churchill

      I love how everyone is like planning thanksgiving and everything but gorillaz planning Christmas already 🎄gotta be in the holiday spirit

    84. natalia rezende marini

      I'm loving it💖 The Valley Of Pagans is amazing (oh wait, it's omnipresent) and the music video is AWESOME, now I can't wait for The Lost Chord. Welcome back to the world of Plastic Beach!

    85. Just a nut

      Am I the only thinking 'bout all those lost songs such as Leviathan? Would like to see one

    86. Luis Umana

      I achieve enlightenment every time these Machine Bitez are revealed.

    87. Laila S.

      "Im about 2/3 Pagan" -2D

    88. bagi

      its nice to listen them talking about paganism cuz i am a pagan ♡ btw wise words noodle

    89. Gabriela G.B 7.0

      Al ver cuando se estrellaron al mar pensé que habian muerto :v

      1. Top Kali

        No porque el coche es el mismo de Stylo y el coche se puede convertir en un submarino y sobreviven

    90. Evan

      Anyone catch the last 3rd of 2-D's genetic makeup XD

    91. Marco Polo

      TRANSCRIPT Murdoc: Valley of the Pagan-......what´s the meaning behind that, y´know...... Noodle: It means, that god is in everything, and, at the same time, nowhere! Russell: Omnipresent. That´s the best kind of present to have. Murdoc: Omnipresent. Aaaaahhh. And, (???). Russell: What´d you want for Christmas? Murdoc: Omnipresent. 2-D: Yeah. There´s no christmas presents if you´re a Pagan. Russell: Damn. You´re right, you´re right. Yeah. Murdoc: I suppose that´s true, (????????), I´d go for that. Transition 2-D: I think I might be a bit Pagan. Russell: Yeah. Murdoc: I´ve always thought of that. 2-D: I reckon about, uhhh.....two thirds Pagan. Russell: Yeah. And what´s the other third? 2-D: Uuh....Croydon. Edit: Thanks to @Josué Naim Zárate Cordero for correcting me in one of the dialogues!

      1. Marco Polo

        @Caelan Elsey Thanks, also

      2. Caelan Elsey

        And croyden is actually spelt “Croydon” it’s in south London

      3. Caelan Elsey

        @MilosMittens I agree

      4. Marco Polo

        @MilosMittens Maybe, it´s always somewhat difficult to understand the characters in these bitez

      5. MilosMittens

        I think murdoc says "they don't go for that"

    92. Pedro Vítor Ribeiro Silva

      The great return of Plastic Beach

    93. K9rinaa

      But isn’t Murdoc God ?

    94. Jay Z

      Damnnn u right u right u right u right

    95. K9rinaa

      But isn’t Murdoc God ?

    96. Wäfflë stüdíøz


    97. HeyIt'sG! !

      Transcript please???

    98. ZyZeAnimator



        What did 2D say at the end? I didn't understand

    99. Wendigo Van der Blitz

      "And what's the other third?" "My nine feet tall legs."

      1. Gronkle Vlonkle

        Nah the reach kicker is his arms