Gorillaz | Machine Bitez #16 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle


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    Song Machine: Machine Bitez #16 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle
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    1. Braxton Dennis

      These Machine Bitez are giving me more reason to love Murdoc Russ: How you gonna chop him down when he an atherial being-? Murdoc: *I-I’ve got a butterfly net*

    2. Frog Squad!!

      This one is so good omg “I got a butterfly net” *Noodle speaking English so we can understand”

    3. Justifiable Treason

      Not gonna lie the main appeal of these is just hearing more Russel lol, at least Noodle gets an interview once in a while.

    4. Naomi

      Ethereal being: *exists* Animal crossing mfs: 0:09

    5. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime Series!! Please with songs

    6. Kiddinosaur1122

      this was recommended to me and I thought it was new

    7. passos77

      CLIP GTA V?

    8. danny molek

      The Battle of Kerfuffle Begins... hufast.info/plan/vide/m4bPp9p9x2a3aoU

      1. danny molek

        Roy Rebaurant...

    9. Firestar JT07

      Im serious when i say "If there's something better than Noodle's voice ill erase it from existence

    10. danny molek

      The thing with Schröendenger's cat is canned food. Popeye says canned spinach is good for you. God isn't cruel enough to put a cat in a box. That's some Nazi schnitte. It should have been schröendenger's spinache

    11. Kettle Demon

      Noodles English accent makes my day 10x better

    12. JessicaAndPineapple :3

      H have they kidnapped someone

    13. j o e s l y

      Ete Sech

    14. Bailey Bleu

      Gorillaz x LilUziVert would be a bop

    15. Gisela Tritman

      Hablan español

    16. Gisela Tritman

      Spin spanish

    17. Mia Berlin

      Gorillaz I love you so much! I've been listening to your music for 4 years! Since I was 6! Me and my family love your music, it makes us so happy! (btw im 10)

    18. Jotaro Kujo

      everyone talking about how green murdoc can get, but how blue can 2Ds hair get?

    19. Kexel Z

      Gorillaz forever

    20. A1_anbu26

      Hopefully noodle gets to sing in the next song

    21. TriggerOxytocin

      Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you

    22. Realist

      What have all these releases been about... They all had potential but are completely dysfunctional & without rythm and then these are all weird little clips .. but of what!?..

    23. Ichigo Kurosaki

      Gorillaz X Ren plz have it happen

    24. Lyssa

      I LOVED THE NEW SONGGG!!! :D I know youll probably read this but Damon and Jamie... Someday I swear to Dear Destroya and The Jesus of Suburbia you GOTTA colab with Frank Iero once. Youd all work together great I bet. :) I admire ya! Keep it up!

    25. Marcy Abadeer

      Please someone animators this

    26. andres collazos

      What Gorillaz fans think of each member: 2D: He’s a smol bean plz don’t hurt my precious baby boy. Murdoc: I love him because he’s hot, but at the same time I hate him because he hurt my precious baby boy. Noodle: She’s such a badass guitar player and an even more badass person in general. I love her. Russell: He’s a good boy, yet so underrated. Plz give him the recognition he deserves.

    27. Sophia Chavez

      Noodles voice sounds amazing heck better then mine

    28. aj

      Every line just kept sending me

    29. sushi _din0

      This is a good one! I love this so much ^^ 🖤



    31. raeen ghasrahmad


    32. celuvly

      I'm laughing too hard at that dad joke in the end!

    33. predalien1413

      Wonder where Floyd was hiding.

    34. Weebly

      Do another MF DOOM collab

    35. Isaac Oliveira


    36. princess anna Schuster

      did they kidnap something?

    37. Laika arts

      Love these little bites but just wish they were longer

    38. toilet brown

      noodle is now 30😱

    39. Cameron

      Such a dope squad 💯 as Murdoc once said “ We’re Gorillaz! We’re the best motherfucking band on the planet ! “... even outside of music Murdoc. Even outside of music

    40. Celestia ludenberg

      0:22 murdocs giggle thing-

    41. Yesh GR


    42. Rabbit_ Anon

      “Speak difficult” I can’t speak either :,)

    43. Rici 33

      [funny joke to get likes]

    44. Jessie Morgan

      “I got a butterfly net” Probably one of the most wholesome things i’ve heard Murdoc say in a while

      1. Scott Peltier

        Savor it, he’s gonna do something bad and make us forget

    45. Nursehella Emcee

      I... I got a butterfly net. LOOOL Murdoc xD

    46. R2.0SAMP

      I only watch the Machine Bitez if nodz appears in the tittle

    47. Monroe Robbins

      So... A) why was there a ghost in the trunk? B) why did Noodle and Russ just turn up the music while the ghost was in the truck? C) were they gonna take the ghost somewhere, is that why it was in the trunk? D) Did 2D even notice there was a ghost on the set? And E) is that gonna be what’s going on in Valley of the Pagans? Noodle and Russ are dealing with a ghost in the trunk, Murdoc is trying to catch the ghost since it escaped, and...2D is just vibing?

      1. Enimo

        I think the ghost feeds off of music or something and that's why they had to turn up the music while it was in the trunk

    48. Estrella Hermosillo

      The phantoms a she huh?

    49. Animegirl's channel

      Bouncing lol

    50. Alex Indiana-John Jones

      My mans Russ needs a lozenge.

    51. Clara Gaming

      Is murdoc out of jail???

    52. Ling Ling

      i literally only come to the comments for the transcript for these

    53. WO Ricse

      Alguien lo traduce? :'v

    54. Royce Bracket

      I'm French and I must say, I am *STRUGGLING* with these.

    55. currwhibble

      Pink phantom has a baseline from TNN and TNN color scheme

    56. The Geep

      I love the fact that this exist this is what I live for. This right here

    57. Imagine A World

      My kids will find this when theyre 15 and feel what I felt when I was 15. Thank you.

    58. Qualil Young


    59. Nick Alexander

      New book coming?

    60. anibal leyva

      Hace mucho que no escuchaba hablar a Noodle

    61. jdng86

      Because what would Russel know about ghosts? It's not like he has a long history with them.

    62. ÓSCAR DE LA VIDA, 618

      hey sometimes feel like these gorillaz phone calls are about quarantine, use el traductor

    63. tokoyamiedgelxrd


    64. Derek Hernandez

      I got a gorillaz ad before this

    65. Gabriela Del Carmen GIL BEDON

      espero que con esto se logré revivir a la ya muerta historia de la banda virtual Gorillaz

      1. Hector el Geek 12


    66. auxk 0


    67. Lou Young

      You guys are amazing 😂

    68. blue cats


    69. Keet

      Do a show on Fortnite please

    70. Fr.PewYoung dingding


    71. Cadie Churchill

      Speak difficult sounds like Murdocs talking voice when he tries to explain something

    72. Nameless Ghoulette

      🎶Anybody who is anybody will soon walk through that door at Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakdifficult🎶

    73. El Deeck

      The Valley of The Pagans the next song

    74. InfinitePiechotta

      How much meth are you smoking

    75. Pinkninja0708

      “I got a butterfly net” -Murdoc 2020

    76. coco loonas

      speakdifficult 😭😭


      Noodle's voice is beautiful 😍🤤

    78. Samantha Estrada

      Hearing their voices made my day! 😂👍

    79. Sara Novoa


    80. depressed cockroach

      gurl u just uploaded a bitez x

    81. Zyyr

      ah yes.

    82. fransisca low cality vega

      Damon graves a song a two bites in the same day. Hes such a music guy.

    83. Wiktoria Klimaczuk

      Murdoc: Ah the Pink Phantom don’t even talk to me about him. I’m gonna get that mother- Russel: But how are you gonna track him? He an ethereal being. Murdoc: I-I got a butterfly net... ---- Murdoc: Think the phantom was in the trunk? Noodle: She was moving around in the booth so much we had to turn up the music remember? Russel: It was a heavy vibe. (?) Murdoc: I’m the under-badness... GREAT under-badness. --- Murdoc: Spooky. Russel: I’m a spook-easy. Not to be confused with speak-easy. 2D: I went to one once, by accident. I got very confused, they kept speaking to me, and I didn’t realize it was all a game and then they called the police. It was a speak-difficult. Not sure if I got all of it right correct me if I’m wrong lol.

      1. Карина Тремазова

        thanks! just know you're adorable.

      2. Wiktoria Klimaczuk

        Odie Moses Oh shoot my bad lol. Thanks for the correction! :)

      3. Wiktoria Klimaczuk

        Szymonides Omco Wszyscy mają akcenty to troszkę trudno wszystko zrozumieć :) Ale dajemy radę xD

      4. Szymonides Omco

        Ja większości nie zrozumiałem. Oni mówią w taki luźny sposób...

      5. Odie Moses

        Russel says “ethereal being” not “internal being” otherwise it’s good. :)

    84. Froggi

      Murdoc for president 2020

    85. SaltyHQ


    86. Mushroom Cosplay


    87. Blue yeti

      Bro when t f is del the rapper coming back we miss him #BRINGDELBACK

    88. Raymond Ramos

      i love you GORILLAZ

    89. CyborgCatFromOuterSpace

      *TRANSCRIPT* - *Murdoc:* "Ahhhh... The Pink Phantom, don't even talk to me about that. Hang on, I gotta get that mother-" *Russel:* "But how you gotta chop him down when he an ethereal being?" *Murdoc:* "I- I got a butterfly net." - *Murdoc:* "Think the phantom was in the trunk?" *Noodle:* "She was moving around in the boot so much we had to turn up the music, remember?" *Russel:* "It was a heavy vibe." *Murdoc:* "Under-badness, great under-badness." - *Murdoc:* "Spooky- wegh- uh- what?" *Russel:* "I spook easy - not to be confused with 'speakeasy'." *2D:* "I went to one once- by accident. I got very confused and they kept on speaking to me and I wouldn't realize it was all a game and then they called the police. It was a 'speak-difficult'."

      1. Only 1 Per Ticket!

        OMG this makes more sense now, they are talking about Valley of the Pagans episode

      2. Sir Rivet

        theres actually a pink phantom in the trunk in valley of the pagan which is cool

      3. Jaqueline Garduño


      4. Leslie Solis

        Thank you very much 💙!

      5. The Cursed Corpse

        @Diego Smith uy, no sé casi nada al traducir, creo que usando algo de traductor y entendiendo las bromas en inglés lo comprendes todo, pero eso si, esas bromas don más juegos de palabras entonces pierden sentido o gracia en la traducción y también es el contexto.

    90. 2-D

      "I went to one once by accident. I was very confused, and they kept speaking to me and I didn't realize it was all a game and they called the police." I love him

    91. ÑATI :D


    92. The Tea of Britain

      Anyone else notice that in the actual song of The Pink Phantom that in the background there was music from Kansas 😳🤚

      1. currwhibble


      2. ThatOneArtist

        Thank you! Someone else noticed!

    93. Void

      “i got a butterfly net” A+ Murdoc should replace the ghost busters

      1. sea anemily

        @Naturestapes /Formally Blitz imagine the ghost busters theme song covered by Gorillaz

      2. Naturestapes /Formally Blitz

        @sea anemily I’d watch that so much

      3. sea anemily

        That should have been the 2016 movie instead

    94. Squeemez

      [TRANSCRIPT] Murdoc: Ah, The Pink Phantom! Don't even talk to me about that. Hang on, I gotta get that mother. Russel: But how you gonna chop 'em down when he an ethereal being? Murdoc: I- I got a butterfly net. ________ Murdoc: Think the phantom's in the trunk! Noodle: She was moving around in the boot so much, we had to turn up the music, remember? Russel: It was a heavy vibe. Murdoc: Under-badness. Great under-badness. ________ Murdoc: Spooky. *chuckles* Russel: I spook easy. Not to be confused with "speak easy". 2D: I went to one once by accident. I got very confused and they kept on speaking to me, and I didn't realize it was all a game, and then they called police. That was a speak difficult.

      1. Jim Ticka

        @Squeemez Nice!

      2. Squeemez

        @Jim Ticka I changed it! I didn't know that boot was a word for trunk. I changed it to mother too!

      3. Jim Ticka

        I think it was "boot" not "hood". Being a brit word for trunk. I also heard "mother" bot mugger, but I'm not really certain about that one.

    95. Alien Reggae

      God made me willing

    96. sewerbooze

      the entirety of machine bitez has just been an auditory goddamn fever dream and i love it

    97. ThePinkPhantom

      I love how Murdoc was trying to catch a phantom with a net lol Murdoc, phantoms can literally go through objects and living things x'D

    98. MynameisToni

      Hi guys

    99. Simon Kiev

      Ya'll remember Gorillaz Bitez?