Gorillaz | Machine Bitez #15 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle


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    Song Machine: Machine Bitez #15 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle
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    1. Frog Squad!!

      So who’s going to translate what noodle said

    2. Gorillaz News

      :) ...

    3. Mannic Mannix

      That was a sneaky Ant and Dec reference

    4. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series please! With music incorporated

    5. Xander

      2D: "Do you like my shoes" Murdoc: "NO" Every 2D Simp Ever: "Say sike right now"

    6. Scary Monsters

      "They could use a bit of shoe-shine.." - noodle probably

    7. nicki

      来世はどデカいナメクジ… どデカいナメクジってチョイス笑

    8. boneless

      Do you like my shoes? 𝙣𝙤. See that's negative!

    9. •

      Noodle: *speaks Japanese* 2-D: I like your funny words, magic man.

    10. ThatOneGuyJames

      These are too funny XD

    11. passos77

      Clip GTA V?

    12. Big McLarge-Huge

      ...so is Phil Cornwell doing Murdoc again? Or did the other guy get way better?

    13. childcore

      "i fink shes gotta point" what the hell did noodle even say she was speaking japanese so quick

    14. JustSimplyy

      Can’t have ant without dec is the most British thing 2d could of said

    15. dfswhip

      cannot understand a word noodle said but 2D made me pmsl... "i fink she's got a point"...

    16. Alexander Pot

      What is Noodle seeing??

    17. maggotbreath


    18. lulu

      i love how murdoc always asks for noodles input after he and 2d bitch over something in the machine bitez lmao

    19. CRW poopsie

      Can I get some subtitles for noodle for Christmas

    20. Cristopher Zapata

      *Noodle dice algo en japones que no entiendo* yo: En efecto.

    21. Ingrid Figueroa

      This might sound weird but I really really like Russel's voice, if he did asmr I would totally listen to it

    22. Ruben Sosa

      Can someone translate noodles last bit?

    23. engineer Gaming

      Probably the only time I can agree with murdoc

    24. Esquivel Paulin Jordi Mariano TDK

      0:36 La tuya por si acaso.

    25. 田口海斗

      noodle: せやからいつまでも信用してもらえへんねん 因果応報、身から出た錆っていつも言うとるやん プラスチックビーチ(plastic beach)の事だってそうや そのままやったら(?)でしか生まれ変われへんで

    26. sushi _din0

      0:27 2-D: you like my shoes? Murdoc:...No... Me: that "no" tho.. 0>0

    27. a a


    28. tiye

      noodle roast the shit out of murdoc

    29. Gio

      Full translation for noodles part: You won’t be trusted by anyone forever. What goes around, comes around. They are the consequences of your deeds. There is also a case of plastic beach if you do it as is, the next world will only be reborn as a huge slug.

    30. darkdash25

      Wish they could this animated at least the heads 😆 lol

    31. linus the spore creature

      the older i get, the more i see myself in murdoc. or the other way around. either way works.

    32. emilia soboleva


    33. Ben jamin

      2D: Noodle what do you think about my shoes? Noodle: That’s why no one will ever trust you. We’re always telling you “what goes around comes around,” it’s the same with plastic beach. If you are like that you will be reborn as a big slug in the next life. 2D: (doesn’t understand just goes with it) I think she’s got a point.

    34. Kyle Fitzpatrick

      2D got the cool shoe shine

    35. Satomi T

      I’m Japanese but I couldn’t understand what noodle said

    36. Macho Loco

      Can anyone plz tell me what noodle said

    37. Jeff Goode

      Translation: Noodle is saying that no one in the world can trust Murdoc. What you give is what you get. Then, she tells Murdoc that, for all the bad things he did during plastic beach, he's going to be a slug in his next life. My Japanese girlfriend translated this for me, but Noodle speaks so fast in a specific dialect that we had to listen 3 times.😅

      1. miyala is swag

        That is correct and I agree she speak fast but here's more of what she basically say "What goes around comes around it's the same thing with the plastic Beach if you're like that (being negative) you will be reborn as a slug in the next life"

    38. Finn Bird

      What we need but this would be so good if they made a podcast with these four and I would love to see that happen

    39. Andreas Nordvall

      I can't wrap my head around what a great screwball character Murdoc is. Jamie's design combined Philip Cornwell's voice nailed the part right out of the gate in the early G-Bitez in the 00s and to this day I rank him among the greats with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. He can literally say and do anything and I have the biggest smile on my face.

    40. graefx

      I dont know why but this is my favorite one.

    41. Lou Boo

      Murdoc and me are so alike. Can’t have an up without down

    42. Rainbow Grafity

      Resumen sobre lo que dijo Noodle: (refiriendose a Murdoc) Por eso nadie te cree pinche mugroso >:v

    43. n0mansLAND II

      For anyone out there this vast world that can speak Japanese, what did Noodle said there?

    44. それが大事

      I'm japanese. noodle says~ せやからいつまでたっても誰にも信用してもらえへんねん。「因果応報」「身から出た錆」っていつも言うとるやん。Plastic beachのことだってそうや。そんままやったら来世はどでかいナメクジにしか生まれ変われへんで。 (noodle use Osaka dialect. 「因果応報」 and 「身から出た錆」 are japanese proverb. It means something like Karma.)

    45. Kid251822

      Noodle be spittin' some facts this episode.

    46. ImNotAnEffigy

      This reminds me of the old g-bites back in phase 1...ah memories

    47. Peter

      2d doesnt have the cool shoe shine

    48. Shabaal

      Murdoc likes his shoes.

    49. currwhibble

      are we not going to talk about the el pepe spamming

    50. Hey Adora

      For some when Noodle started speaking I thought she was speaking Chinese

    51. Callum Todd

      Noodle either all ways speaks English but not for long or just speaks Japanese for a while witch English people don't unnderstand

    52. red panda prince

      666th comment

    53. ʀoᴃer† F

      You can't have a good taste in music without appreciating Gorillaz.

    54. ʀoᴃer† F


    55. SPICY M

      The gang’s all here

    56. Trevor Nesbit

      wait 2-D knows what noodle said in Japanese :O

      1. KHYLE!!!! ART'S

        @Trevor Nesbit bro, is the " I think "

      2. Trevor Nesbit

        @KHYLE!!!! ART'S but he said she has a point after saying ( That's why no one will ever trust you. We always say "What goes around, comes around" It's the same with the plastic beach. If you are like that, you will be reborn as a big slug in the next life.) in Japanese?

      3. KHYLE!!!! ART'S


    57. Matt WhiteOK

      since murdoc listens to heavy metal and hard rock i bet he's excited for the new ACDC album

    58. Max Johnson

      You can’t have ant without dec

    59. Anime Fan

      I liked that ending with Noodle & 2D

    60. IndyJones

      2D should be Bert Kreischer's get hype Man "Lyle". 2D: "I think he's got a point" - hufast.info/plan/vide/eom1Yqaf05yrpqc

    61. Advent3546

      Uh... anyone got a translation or Noodle?

    62. Animegirl's channel


    63. Kristopher Jones

      Now the British people need translations

    64. wõt

      i think this is my favourite ever

    65. Chocolate Cosmos

      What did Noodle say???? lol

    66. David Ajiashvili

      Bruh Noodle just roasted the shit out of murdoc in Japanese and its the best thing ever lol

    67. Xos

      Someone should animate this....dont worry I will do it :)

    68. Triljoona

      0:37 "plastic beach" but that's all I got xD

    69. AnotherMoose


    70. Face ache

      "Do you like my shoes?" "No" rude much?

    71. shadowblade19

      I didn't like 2D shoes either.

    72. Some Citrus

      The way Mudz said "no" and Noodles voice, chills...

    73. WooferJr

      *Noodle speaks japanese* 2D: "Good point." *G-Shock interview* 2D: "I've definitely heard ice hockey..."

    74. Tails Doll Incorporeider

      [ADAPTACIÓN A ESPAÑOL LATINO] 2D - Lo que le gusta -al fantasma rosa- es la negatividad, ¡y tú eres muy negativo, Murdoc! ¿Por... ? MUROC - Sí, sí, tú lo llamas negatividad, pero estamos hablando de dualidad otra vez. En realidad todo es parte de un todo solo, ¿no? No puedes ser positivo sin negativo, ¿sabes? No puede *haber* un positivo... RUSSEL - No MURDOC - ... Sin un negativo. RUSSEL - Tiene razón MURDOC - ¡No puedes tener arriba sin abajo! 2D - No puede haber Ant sin Dec [Ant & Dec, dúo de cómicos británicos] --------------------------------------------- 2D - ¿Alguna vez... has intentado ser positivo por una hora completa? ¿Lo intentamos? MURDOC - (Suspiro) No sé si puedo hacerlo 2D - ¿Te gustan mis zapatos? MURDOC: No... 2D - ¿Ves? Eso es negativo. Noodles, ¿qué opinas de mis zapatos? NOODLES [En japonés] - Por eso nadie jamás confiará en ti (Murdoc). (Los japoneses) siempre decimos "Óxido del cuerpo; Justicia retributiva" [ _Ingaōhō mikaradetasabi._ Dicho japonés. Me parece lo más cercano en español es "donde las dan, las toman". Como tratas, te tratan]. NOODLES - ¡Lo mismo pasó con/en Plastic Beach! Si sigues siendo así, reencarnaras como una gran babosa tu siguiente vida. 2D - Creo que tiene un buen punto

    75. G.O.D KILLERYT

      Ehat does noodle say

    76. mestre12

      can someone translate what noodle just said?

    77. Average individual with a Smart Phone

      So so true, balance rules this universe.

    78. Luís Guilherme Neto

      Does someone knows what noddle Said? I m pretty sure that she said plastic beach in between

    79. NotRay

      As a Japanese, I assume that Noodle said "That's why no one will ever trust you. We're always telling you, ’What goes around, comes around(two Japanese proverbs 「因果応報」「身から出た錆」)'. It's the same with the plastic beach. If you are like that, you will be reborn as a big slug in the next life."

      1. AMNESIAC

        Bro is it just me or was she speaking f a s t

      2. Tich Mbiri

        Thank you so much!

      3. Cxsmic King

        •• she’s originally from Japan and went back there a while for a bit in one of the phases, don’t remember which one

      4. ••

        Damn she’s just roasting them in Japanese? Actually, question. If she knows tons of languages, why does she only use Japanese 85% of the time??

      5. NotRay

        @FI Junzakku Noodle: せやからいつまでたっても誰にも信用してもらえへんねん。因果応報、身から出た錆っていつもゆうとるやん。プラスチックビーチのことだってそうや。そのままやったら来世はおっとでかいナメクジにしか生まれ変われへんで。 As @EFoxKitsune mentioned, she has a strong Kansai dialect. Even I find it hard to catch.

    80. Nathan Jagger

      He don’t like his shoes :-(

    81. TheTriforceKid

      More and more, we see the inner workings of the minds of these characters..and I love every moment of it.

    82. おいなり

      せやからいつまで経っても信用してもらえへんねん、因果応報、身から出た錆っていつも言うとるやん。 プラスチックビーチの事かてそうや。そのままやったら来世は「どでかいなめくじ?」にしか生まれ変われへんで。 So you can’t trust me forever. I always say that it’s Causal retribution,rust from the body. Same as Plastic beach. If you stay the same, the afterlife can only be reborn as a big slug. Sorry for my poor English and hearing. Maybe It’s not big slug that she said.

      1. Michael Random

        Just thank you ❤ But now I'm intrigued

    83. Michael Random

      I looking for the person who speak Japanese in the comments I need you

    84. Victor Peixoto

      bruh, i cant tell what, but Noodle said something about Plastic Beach and we having Stylo renamed as Pagan the next episode. that's epic

    85. Lulu _

      Noodle really told 2D he got the cool shoeshine in Japanese

    86. Alex Nico

      (I feel like the voice actors just say whatever with no script) 2-D: W-what you likesthepinkphantom is negativity? And your very negative Murdoc! Murdoc: Well yeah you call it negative but you into djehjehshdb again.. basically it’s a one isn’t it really? Negative, positive.. You can’t be positive without negative you know? I mean you can’t have positive without negative. You can’t have up without down. 2-D: you can’t have ant without dec Hdydgdjhgyjs_insert_transition_thing_here_dbhdhggdgjgdjhgdggshjg 2-D: Have you ever been positive for a whole hour? Should we try it? Murdoc: Don’t know if I could do it.. 2-D: Do you like my shoes? Murdoc: (thinks about life for a moment) .....noooo 2-D: see, that’s negative. Noodle what do you think about my shoes? Noodle: 携帯変えたっても大変ね因果応報見たら出て来とるやんけそうやそのままやったらライトでかいナメクジ使われへんだ (It's hard even if you change your cell phone. If you see the causal response, it will come out.) 2-D I think she got a point.

      1. PEPPEERRR

        Noodle: (You stupid in Japanese) 2-d *i think she got a point*

    87. sciaecallo

      Murdoc won't have the cool shoeshine 🙄🖐️

    88. Naqi_

      best machine bitez yet

    89. psychogman37


    90. kmshadowboy 12

      Hello yes

    91. Brunella Vento

      The way 2d advises Murdoc to be more positive reminded me of the "The Answer" fanfic ...just saying

    92. g mar

      i haven't a clue whats going on here, but I'll act like I do!

    93. Brunella Vento

      Noodle me recordó a Lin Lin de la "casa de los dibujos" cuando nadie le entiendexD

    94. Kurt

      So this is what I picked up from google translates many tries: Nobody can trust me forever. Causal retribution. I always say the trust coming from me is plastic. The british-japanese accent made it kinda hard, but not impossible.

      1. Mad_Pac-Man

        @Joey W Yeah, that sounds right LOL

      2. Joey W

        i know that she said "plastic beach" but cant figure out much else other than "no one can trust you" i feel like she's telling off murdoc

      3. Mad_Pac-Man

        She 100% mentioned Plastic Beach, so I'd say keep trying mate XDD

    95. calubeatz

      "i think she`s got a point" 2D being the cutest

    96. Joey W

      fuck i'm trying to transcribe noodle but all i can get is that she said something about plastic beach

    97. dead boi

      It's all balanaceeeeeee☯️

    98. Bruna

      Gosh... Noodle has such a strong Kansai accent and a really interesting vocabulary, I barely could get a single thing. I only got this: "that's why no none trusts you (can't understand) I always told you. That's the same at Plastic Beach (can't understand it too)" Anyone, please, help!

      1. Bruna

        @Fan de Perú thank you so much! I thought that that slug part was just my imagination

      2. Bruna

        @Mad_Pac-Man Thanks!

      3. Mad_Pac-Man

        You have the best one so far! XDD

      4. Brotato 76

        Perhaps it's about no one being about to trust Murdoc and his shady/negative attitude

    99. YerJ3lly

      i like your shoes 2d dont worry


      Anyone know what the hell did Noodle say? I need someone who speaks Japanese