Gorillaz | Machine Bitez #14 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle


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    Song Machine: Machine Bitez #14 with 2D, Murdoc, Russel & Noodle
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    1. Planet Pluto

      Is anyone else wondering where Katsu is?

    2. Australian Man

      Russel in every byte- Yeah Yeah Yeah (He’s a shy boi respect him)

    3. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series please!!

    4. Skawooga

      6 black 😭

    5. MDee Motions

      There were 666 comments before this one.(i have screenshot on ig) 😈

    6. ニカイドウ

      Noodle's voice is so adorable.

    7. passos77

      Clip GTA V?

    8. Someone Incognito

      God, the transitions are so good.

    9. Firestar JT07

      Noodle: *Talks* Me: OMG SHE TALKED!! OMG OMG (Heart attack)

    10. Kit

      i too, pronounce 6lack like "six-lack" for jokes, and i do tend to milk it

    11. Aquata Kalimari

      2D is a rude self absorbed hateful soab

    12. Demon Studios

      Nice to see that 2d shared a sandwich with Elton

    13. Robert Ruelas

      Why is Noodle such a cinnamon roll? 😊

    14. Chris Poteat

      Where murdoc nicalls mixed from the song machine

    15. marioman69



      why am im likeing this

    17. SirIronCrafted

      Don't put the finger on it



    19. Mil Mil

      "I think he'd prefer it that way..." -Russel

    20. the age of dawn

      Noodle sus I vote eject

    21. Claire Trautman

      Noodle’s voice is so soothing

    22. Piscui Opina

      Noodle que bonita voz ❣️

    23. coughcoughsigh

      So it is pronounced "black" then? Cheers! 😂

    24. Dewey Tann


    25. Niels van Heteren

      I'm offended that they put an ad at the beginning of a 48 second video

    26. Maria Kowal

      2D's "You even said that to his face!" is all of us when dealing with embarrassing boyfriends

    27. ryn

      thanks to russel for chiming in 🙏

    28. Alex Clingan

      You musn't put a finger on him. That was in his contract.

    29. TheKoyn

      "Great minds need moisture" Noodle is a goddess that we do not deserve

    30. Ralph Giezer

      Everyone on social media: *complaining how the story isnt concrete/murdoc lying* Me listening to bitez: THESE ARE A L L THE ANSWERS I Ne ED

    31. Skulletix

      I think this is the first machine bite i can understand without the transcription

    32. ClownMania

      Murdocs voice tone changes when hes talking to 2D. Character development

    33. Sophia Chavez

      I love this 🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍

    34. Bababooey

      2D’s voice has changed alot

    35. OctoCoochi 69

      AAAHHH NOODLES she graces us with her beautiful voice once again

    36. 67th Potato in Town

      i actually didnt need to read the transcription guy's comment for once

    37. draalien

      Murdoc was calling him "six-black"? 😭 Ngl I would've done the sam-

    38. sushi _din0

      Lmao we shared a sandwich! That would be my dream

    39. Jon Jon

      Noodle was ejected, Noodle was not the imposter.

    40. Michael Tetreault

      Don't put your finger on the 6lack

    41. Omy Nona

      "I was having a joke" "IT WENT ON FOR DAYS" "Yeah i do tend to milk it"

    42. Saturnz Barz

      murdoc: i kNoW

    43. Randomz

      We get these bitez but lore still lackin

    44. George Lopez

      i cant over murdoc saying i know x4

    45. headass steph

      just have noodle talk the entire time in one of these videos and we good

    46. Christopher Gibbs

      "Don't put your finger on the black." Words to live by.... Also how the hell did Russel shrink himself after Plastic Beach!?

    47. Shamim Jamshidi

      i kNoW.. I KNow ..i kNow

    48. spoonyliger

      Who voiced Russel and Noddle here?

    49. Ben Aaron

      You guys are nuts! No way they gonna get Elton John...

    50. Kismet Pickle

      AAHHHHH OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG YESSSSSSS yo is Murdoc sus of noodle? *gasp* plot twist noodle is the imposter

    51. Rinconada Romero Karla Renata

      Noodle it's a Hydrohomie or something

    52. Squantle

      Best Machine Bitez yet lmao

    53. LadyXesphio

      "We shared a sandwich" he upped his meet and greet game there. Said hello to Elton? Got a picture with Elton? Pah, he shared a sandwich with Elton, that's massive!

    54. that omnic mechanic

      I dont even wanna know what murdoc said.

    55. LeCarmeloth

      Wait... Did Noodle talk?? O_O Guys, that's all to me... This year it's the end of the Earth.

      1. HeyIt'sG! !

        It's not the first Machine Bite that Noodle talked

    56. Александра Кузнецова

      Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно

    57. Mary 31

      imagine getting animated by gorillaz 😳😳😳😳

    58. J!nx

      Lmao this is the funniest one yet 😂

    59. Thybro

      Holy shit this might be the first time I actually understood what they're saying. It's either that they've finally spoken clearly in this one or I just got used to the whole british accent

    60. ZyZeAnimator

      We must protect 6lack from Murdoc’s finger.

    61. McStabbins

      Noodle that was sus

    62. Nameless Ghoulette

      Well damn! I thought people were joking about Elton being on the next track/episode in the comments of the last video. Like someone had started a rumour and everyone was getting hyped up. I need a kick up the butt for doubting that.

    63. The Impures


    64. The Impures


    65. Edward Yeung

      Collab with Dua Lipa

    66. NightWraith76

      I never watch the trailers. I prefer to have a new song completely a surprise.

    67. Soku Gamer

      Traducción Murdoc: Hablando de Elton, vino en su jet privado. 2D: ¿Lo hizo? Murdoc: Sí, creo que hablaste con él, ¿no? 2D: Sí, de hecho pasé varias horas con él. Compartimos un bocadillo. Murdoc: Noodle, ¿dónde estuviste durante todo eso? Noodle: Bueno, me estaba asegurando de que Elton estuviera bien regado porque las grandes mentes necesitan humedad. ... 2D: Ya sabes, estás diciendo 'six-black', se pronuncia 'black'. Murdoc: ¡Lo sé, lo sé, lo sé! 2D: Incluso le dijiste eso en la cara cuando lo conocimos. Murdoc: Lo sé, solo estaba bromeando. 2D: Se prolongó durante días. Murdoc: Sí, tiendo a ordeñarlo. ... Murdoc: Sin embargo, qué tipo tener a bordo. Algo sobre él, no puedo señalarlo. Russel: Creo que lo preferiría así. 2D: No debes poner el dedo encima. Eso estaba en su contrato. Russel: No pongas el dedo en el 6LACK.

    68. Devan

      I still can't believe you guys are working with Elton John! This is going to be such a good song!😌❤

    69. 2D's blue-ty shorts


    70. Riza Alfarisi

      "Noodle where were you during the whole thing ?" Idk man noodle seems sus tbh

    71. Shilvah Chariot

      I like Russell

    72. poopi peep

      I just imagined noodle watering Elton like a plant

    73. Triljoona

      I know, I know, I kNoW, I knoooooow

    74. Mr. ThunderCloud

      Need more Noodle in these

    75. MyTurtleApril

      YES! uploaded on my bday too!

    76. Calvin Ross

      Кто-нибудь, дайте перевод на русский язык, ничего не понятно.

    77. Julia Raine Maglalang

      Haha that bit with Noodle was so wholesome and funny! Don’t forget to water your Eltons

    78. Schlongson McJohnson

      I'd pay money to watch an entire hour of these guys interacting.

    79. p e e p n o x

      If your reading this, then you just read it.

    80. robert irvine


    81. André Bittencourt


    82. LightningSword13

      This was actually very understandable this time.

    83. HugoHD

      It's coming up guys.

    84. Dexterous Productions

      How is murdoc alive

    85. Paola Abad

      Murdoc and 2D arguing about "6lack" gives me life

    86. jdng86

      I wonder if that's the same Noodle voiced that did DARE years ago.

    87. Cavalerie des marres et des guêtres

      0:03 can we talk about this amazing Elton John ? I'm pointing because people reading the comments might have not seen him !

    88. AgentCat

      Been looking forward to this!

    89. Sarai Navarro

      Si estaba esperando. Son mi banda favorita

    90. SlothU

      i legit hid in a bathroom stall just soz i can watch this.

    91. amaticcs universe

      traducción español murdoc: hablando de elton: vino en su jet privado 2-D: lo hizo? murdoc: creo que hablaste con el, no es así? 2-D: si, de hecho pase varias horas con el, compartimos un sandwich murdoc: noodle, donde estuviste durante todo ese tiempo? noodle: bueno, estaba asegurándome que elton estuviera bien regado, porque las grandes mentes necesitan humedad ------ 2-D: sabes, estabas diciendo que "6-black",que su nombre se pronuncia "black", dijiste "6black" murdoc: lo se, lo se, lo se 2-D: incluso le dijiste eso en la cara cuando nos encontramos murdoc: lo se, solo estaba con una broma 2-D: lo estuviste haciendo por horas murdoc: si, tiendo a ordeñarlo ------- murdoc: que tipo para tenerlo abordo, algo sobre el, no puedo ponerle ni un dedo russel: creo que lo prefiero de esa manera 2-D: no puedes ponerle un dedo encima, estaba en el contrato russel: no pongas el dedo en 6lack

      1. amaticcs universe

        @saturnzkatt de nada 😔♥️

      2. saturnzkatt

        AAAAA gracias🥺💖

    92. Lewis Burnell

      I knew the new song would be the Elton one. Let's ho.

    93. Elesh

      YOU CAN HEAR THEM!!!!!

    94. sad lil brat

      Murdoc says 6black instead of 6lack, no wonder the instagram post they made yesterday misspelled it with 6black, lmao good job murdoc

    95. sis cite


    96. Paula :D

      alguien me dice la traduccion en español? por fa :'c

    97. Ev Cruz

      My fav bite so far

    98. dildonius

      Ah, so the Elton John & 6lack collab is next up in Cocktober....

    99. Lochrine -8

      I know!- I knooowww- I knaaoowwww ~Murdoc