Gorillaz | Episode Eight 'The Valley of The Pagans' | Official Trailer


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    Episode Eight: The Valley of The Pagans ft. Beck
    World Premiere November 5th - 5.00pm GMT
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    1. Sepz

      There goes the most anyone has thought about GTA in two years.

    2. F


    3. Abigailment

      The DMCA of the Copyright Claim.

    4. Aaron Wallz

      Best music video in my opinion. To bad HUfast had to take it down. 😩😔😭

    5. Azamatik Rahmatyllin

      А где клип то

    6. Jawa With A Gun

      Wow Take2. WOW. What a little bitch of a move. You already have all the money in the world thanks to your fantastic IPs and your infinite money-well that is GTA Online but yet you just had to take their video down because you "might" lose money due to copyright? How much MORE money could you possibly fricking need?! You're one of the richest game publishers in the world wtf?!

    7. Johnny Reis

      You people are insensitive talking about Lil pump that way 100 million Viagra tablets waiting in a valley

    8. Abi Animation


    9. crushers but less edgy now

      Dang, rockstar sucks, just in general

    10. DYLAN Pvt


    11. Dinaila Channel

      Where can I find the complete video clip of this song?

      1. Dinaila Channel

        @Vinnie thank you very much!

      2. Vinnie


    12. Squish Mahatter

      Can't wait for this to come out!!

    13. Gregory Barrientos

      "Is like a wizard's por al"

    14. frostieisme

      I genuinely thought that having the video in GTA was sweet, but Rockstar being real jerks about it

    15. Tōmbé

      So here’s what I understand (please correct anything I got wrong) - They had permission to make the video in Grand Theft Auto but then they had to take it down because Grand Theft Auto wasn’t in the credits. My question - WHY DID GRAND THEFT AUTO NEED TO BE IN THE CREDITS WHEN ANYBODY WITH HALF A BRAIN ALREADY KNEW IT WAS GRAND THEFT AUTO? I dont even play video games and I recognized gta 👏IM👏ME👏DI👏ATE👏LY. Anyone who didn’t know it was GTA would’ve known within five seconds of looking at the comments. And why make them take the video down WHEN. THEY. HAD. YOUR. PERMISSION. IN. THE. FIRST. PLACE.

      1. Vinnie

        I like your reflexion on the downed video

    16. Mr Teddy

      They removed the vid but here a other vid to watch it hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c it’s the same thing

    17. Romero López Amaury Josué 4DIBB

      You guys think that before leaving the video for "The Lost Chord" you will re-upload the one for "The Valley of The Pagans" but the version of the video that was presented during the live concert. The video always had the same animations but they were not in GTA V if not on a road with a sky and landscape with orange and purple tones and in the end it ends in the same, arriving at the Plastic Beach. I say because I do not think they will leave it just like that and only go up in episode 9, for example people who did not see episode 8, they will not understand why they are there again

    18. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series please!

      1. infinite Donuts


      2. infinite Donuts

        A movie coming spon on Netflix ;)

    19. ?kokichi ouma?

      ugh yess

    20. Aseless

      I miss u video:(((

    21. Strypa Show

      где клип с гта 5 ?

    22. Glaciartest

      Episode count: Pokemon Twilight Wings: 8 Gorillaz Song Machine: 8

    23. Atrin Abd

    24. Atrin Abd


    25. Электрошок

      Легенды не умирают

    26. 3 Spoons

      I still don't understand how 2d suddenly whited his eyes out

    27. Vegeta

      Where has the video gone ?

      1. Atyzin

        @infinite Donuts this comment made me laugh for a solid minute, best "momentary bliss" I've ever had

      2. infinite Donuts

        Gone, reduced into atoms.

      3. TurboSoggy

        Rockstar sued them

    28. fizzpeakgamer 13

      Guys and gals Someone reuploaded it. hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c Ya welcome

    29. Matis Fledžinskas

      WHY is the video gone oh wait, rockstar copyright

    30. Valentina Rulloni

      What happened to the videoo

    31. Felix March

      So.. Are we gonna talk about the fact that an El Salvadorian record label, producing primarily Heavy Metal music, and coincidentally named the same as the ongoing Gorillaz series, for some reason got their hands on the GTA-footage rights; while the Gz official channel still doesn't have the reupload?..

    32. Felix March

      DUDES!!! The teaser at the end looked just like the former website for Cygna, and the music is verily like their style! OMG OMG OMG! If their next song is a collab with Cygna, I'm gonna lose my shit!!!

    33. Soup Just Soup.

      Valley of the Pagans music video: * Gets taken down * Me: *HEY! WHAT’S GOIN’ ON HERE?*

    34. The Poser

      why did the yremove it

    35. David Rico

      What happened to the video?

    36. Jaim0La

      Anybody has the link?

      1. PackOfMints

        Here's a reupload hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c

      2. Cleo Smith

        Got taken down by Rockstar Games since it was filmed in GTA V's director mode.

    37. Darren 0613

      I don’t understand why rockstar takes this down after many other people did music videos and movies inside of gta so why the hell is this any different and necessary to be taken down

      1. Darren 0613

        @Cleo Smith rockstar sucks for real

      2. Cleo Smith

        Possibly because Gorillaz will actually make a profit from it. Not directly, but a music video is essentially one massive advertising tool (in this case for the Song Machine album). My guess is that Rockstar either got no profit from it or they want profit and have started legal proceedings against Daman and co.

    38. NecZ 1504

      what happend to the video ???

      1. Wes

        @Cleo Smith Take two .

      2. Cleo Smith

        Was taken down by Rockstar.

    39. joy mousse

      next collab must be with thom yorke

    40. Wilmer Figueroa

      Regresen el video

    41. DarkG confirmado

      I miss the video :(

    42. Sydney Petersen

      The animation was so good!! I want the video back ;-;

      1. PackOfMints

        Reupload hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c

      2. infinite Donuts


      3. Wes


    43. Might King

      imagine not having this bomb ass song because it was copyrighted

    44. Letícia R. / MiLkícia S2

      i already loved it

    45. McStabbins

      Curse you life, lemme enjoy the music video

      1. PackOfMints


    46. Rosario Nicosia

      Isn't it unfair how Rockstar reported the official episode for using GTA 5 footage but Gorillaz didn't sued Rockstar for putting the song Feel Good Inc and an easter egg which is a poster of the cover art of tge album Demon Days in Jimmy de Santa's room? (Sorry for my English)

    47. Человек Т

      Ужасно. Пилили нормальные клипы, а тут говно что музыка что клип.

    48. SlipBrick Productions

      Uhh peps the actual video got taken down

      1. infinite Donuts

        we know

    49. LIKI LILY

      i can’t wait 😃

      1. WhatIsNothing

        @LIKI LILY apparently rockstar took it down :(

      2. LIKI LILY

        @WhatIsNothing how come?:(

      3. WhatIsNothing

        video got taken down sadly :(

    50. Felipe Silva

      I need this vídeo again...!

    51. Ian Ensign

      Rip the video

    52. &Hen cho&


    53. Mookie Bear

      Yo what happened to the full video.. *BiG SaD*

      1. Mookie Bear

        @Atyzin yea... Big sad

      2. Atyzin

        @Mookie Bear me too man, i laughed so hard when the music video was gta5 ;((

      3. Mookie Bear

        @Atyzin yo what. That just makes me pissed that was a bomb ass video man.. Fuck them bro. Ive been having a melt down all day over it 😭😭😭😭😭

      4. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    54. Burnt Bucket

      What happened to the video:(

      1. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    55. F Nzau

      so nobody is gonna talk about how the music video disappeared?

      1. F Nzau

        @Atyzin ikr!

      2. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    56. nephos

      I hate how I just missed the video

    57. Fiore Cavitto

      I kinda miss the old Gorillaz art style. The weirdly grotesque animation and the models they used for Stylo and such

    58. Mad Stache Moto

      Kinda not wanting the new "GTA 6" after Rockstar took down the original.

      1. Mad Stache Moto

        Nah I kinda got sick of the whole gta thing after the first year or two of gta 5 haven't really been on it since. I'd rather go back to 4 or SA if I'm going to play a game.

      2. Steven Stifler

        😂 I bet you will be one of the first persons to pre order the game.

    59. Vyvyn CruxButt

      Anyone else that's been wondering where the official Video disappeared to: www.reddit.com/r/gorillaz/comments/jr2jwz/the_valley_of_pagans_video/

    60. Тигр-игр-гр-р Варвара

      I love you Gorillaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    61. Evan Smith



      No te entendí ni verga no se inglés.

      1. Ironia Post-Mortem


      2. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

    63. Wes

      This video was perfect.

    64. Si

      Rockstar suck

    65. V-Legend Z

      why this video was eliminated

      1. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    66. Silver

      верните про гта клип пожалуйста

    67. Shabaal

      rest in peace

    68. calloff55

      .........PLASTIC BEACH!!!!!!

    69. ASarcasticOmar TM

      Rest in peace video

    70. Shadow Fox27

      Can someone help me out here, why has the video really gone, I’ve heard rockstar took it down I’ve heard that take 2 took it down I’ve heard that gorillaz didn’t credit rockstar and I’ve heard that gorillaz didn’t even have the rights to use it

      1. Blak3 Nikos

        Technically they should be protected under fair use considering their combining both GTA footage and their MV. If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong.) They probably didn’t credit them which is why Rockstar took it down or maybe because they don’t want a notable band using their game as a MV. Even though there have been plenty of people on HUfast who do creative stuff with their GTA footage.

    71. Djreray Aloha!


    72. Biskitõ

      man at the beginning i can basically see "GO TO BRAZIL" in impact font

    73. Bryan T. Rich

      Wheeeeeeeeeere's the viiiiiiiiiideoooooooooo??? D:

      1. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    74. oni


    75. headass steph

      aww the actual MV got deleted wtf

      1. headass steph

        @Fogar Draws I’ve heard of them doing that! poor Gorillaz lmao

      2. Fogar Draws

        @headass steph yeah, you know what's funny? Rockstar did a similar thing with Feel Good Inc.

      3. headass steph

        @Fogar Draws I think it’s because of copyright claims with the GTA footage lol

      4. Fogar Draws


    76. Credit ForDogJuice

      I drew Murdoc hitting 2d with a sandal :D

      1. infinite Donuts


    77. мเŋЋД РเҜД †Д ÐцЯД

      I loved the trailer but why did they post the song before and then delete it? ; -; was it a mistake? I liked the music but then it appeared as a private HUfast

      1. мเŋЋД РเҜД †Д ÐцЯД

        @Friday 13th thanks :0 I love you soooo much

      2. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

    78. Ben Cheriman

      C’mon Rockstar. Bring the video back!

    79. Woomy Dayz

      Oop- it got taken down 🤭

    80. M3W s

      The actual video got deleted I think

      1. M3W s


      2. digidragon02

        It got copyright claimed

    81. resident noodles

      to everyone asking where the video is, it got removed for copyright because gorillaz used gta without permission. I honestly think it’s kinda funny how gta put feel good inc in their game without permission but when gorillaz does it it gets removed, it’ll probably be back at some point, there’s also lots of reuploads of the video on youtube I can link some in the replays if anyone wants me to

      1. simongoldshark

        false they had permission which rockstar then retracted

      2. TritnewVG

        Rockstar paid for Feel Good Inc. to be in their game. There's also other sources saying that the band removed the video themselves because Damon didn't like it.

      3. resident noodles

        oh okay, i just saw that someone said they didn’t, thanks for clarifying, I never played the game so I wouldn’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      4. Plane Crazy

        no rockstar got permission from gorrilaz to use feel good inc

    82. Angela Alderete

      Que paso con la música da sacarndo

      1. Wes

        Los de los rockstar son de los peor. El vídeo había quedado perfecto.

      2. nox antoni

        creo que la borro rockstar games por copyright

    83. Adriano Uribe

      I don't understand why they deleted it from the gorillaz channel

    84. Mariano Herrera Hernández

      Wait, i already see the music video, they shutdown it? why i didnt find it anymore?

      1. Atyzin

        Rockstar copyrighted the video because warner bros music didn't asked for the rights to the gta gameplay, seriously f#ck rockstar

    85. Leyza Fool

      Can anyone tell me why the official video is deleted, I need answers why its deleted.

      1. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

      2. Leyza Fool

        @Fukaru thanks for the feedback, I knew it was copyright actually.

      3. Fukaru

        Rockstar removed the video for copyright, Although the matter is somewhat funny because they did not ask permission to put Feel Good Inc. in GTA V.

    86. PrinceGREEN


      1. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

    87. infinite Donuts

      Dang, i was really excited to show my dad that the gang returned to Plastic Beach again, but they removed it :(

    88. M_X Torres

      The video was eliminated

    89. Yoshi Kid

      Did they just... deleted the new song machine?

      1. Maks Nixu games

        @Yoshi Kid I think they bought copyright from Gorillaz

      2. Yoshi Kid

        I really don’t understand because feel good inc. is on non stop pop in gta5

      3. RIGBYZ

        @Maks Nixu games yeah the just lost a promotion

      4. Maks Nixu games

        No. Rock Star take down this song

    90. Cigarro Sin Filtro

      I feel kinda depressed cuz they removed the video already.

      1. •Woshi 花•

        i know :C. For the ones who can't find it, here you have the link of the complete version →hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c

      2. Gordon _rulz

        Canadian gamer Yessir all you have to do is look up the song and more channels will have them

      3. Canadian gamer Yessir


      4. Deanthony Potts

        I found out the video is still up on they facebook

      5. Boyacka12

        But that means that it’s now gta canon

    91. •Airborn Ranger•

      Stylo but in a different font

    92. Stendhoul

      Wait, where did the music video go ?

      1. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

      2. Pickle Playz

        @Stendhoul exactly that’s why I find it so stupid. But because they are a band they take it down

      3. Stendhoul

        @Pickle Playz I thought it was fine because the video was transformative. I mean rockstar doesn't take down other gta gameplay videos, I don't see how Gorillaz is a problem.

      4. Pickle Playz

        @Stendhoul Cause apparently they didn’t have permission to use the GTA footage in their music video. It’s dumb

      5. Stendhoul

        @Pickle Playz what ? Why ?

    93. Barack Obama

      why's the video down?

      1. Friday 13th

        hufast.info/plan/vide/q4ero5h4tne9o6c aqui esta el capitulo 8

      2. Pickle Playz

        Rockstar took it down

      3. infinite Donuts

        We still have no confirmation, Mr. Obama.

    94. KDG108

      Dammit rockstar

    95. UNI UMR

      i really glad before removed, i download this, i will never delate it and i will never shere IT.

      1. fizzpeakgamer 13

        @UNI UMR eh not really.

      2. UNI UMR

        @Cauazitu that illegal dude i can't

      3. Cauazitu

        send me this .-.

      4. xSupInc


    96. Nanreh Sánchez

      Sigo sin creer que rockstar les haya quitado el video:(((

      1. 2-D fachero

        @Fukaru *SE RIE*

      2. Fukaru

        Rockstar: que le bajemos el video dice

    97. Loquendo J

      Wtf what home the video complete???? They the deleting?

    98. Adrian

      Where’s the video?

    99. Señor Fachero

      Borraron el vide ya estaba

    100. Liam Manning Baseball

      Did the video get removed?