Gorillaz | Episode Seven 'The Pink Phantom' | Official Trailer


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    Episode Seven: The Pink Phantom ft. Elton John & 6LACK
    World Premiere October 1st - 5.00pm BST
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    1. hola soy jaime

      Primer comentario del mes

    2. Herson Ricardo Alarcon

      Anime series

    3. passos77

      Clip GTA V?

    4. Odd Oscar

      Strong igor vibes

    5. woopman99

      I hope Elton shows up at a few festivals with gorillaz even those he is retired from it

    6. anderson zapata

      no jumper

    7. La lata morada

      De la cancion solo me gusto esta parte xd

    8. tie_meshoes?


    9. abbsnn cose

      Mudz looks so confused "wtf when did we get a pink piano?! " 2D do be rocken' those eyelashes tho

    10. aola wili

      I remember my parents raised me on Elton John and the Beatles and such. Seeing my childhood favorite and my current favorite is literally insane.

    11. YAHBOI

      I keep coming back for Elton John's voice line. Its enough to give LSS

      1. pida siouy

        this will be one the great songs of the decade

    12. Ruben G. Madrigal Jr.

      I thought that was going to be like an out-of-body experience or an astro plane surprised they used a catapult how do you like the new fence that they have between the United States and Mexico it's still an out-of-body experience except I use a catapult instead

      1. abbsnn cose

        0:10 Don't think I didnt notice that 2d is wearing mascara here. it looks good on him 😊

    13. Ruben G. Madrigal Jr.

      You still fly?

      1. aola wili

        I can’t stop thinking of what it would be like to hear a song with Gorillaz and Freddie Mercury

    14. Ruben G. Madrigal Jr.

      Hey have you tried the new airport X-ray machines I've got red square on my right shoulder and on my left hip what about you

    15. Aquata Kalimari

      I wonder what episode 8 will be i cant wait for the future

    16. MissMichSan

      elton john is just some regular guy.. the masses worshipping at its finest.

    17. Yakuno Hayashi

      Ghostbusters:(after watching Murdoc trying to catch a ghost) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    18. claudia garcia


    19. claudia garcia

      Me gusto like☺👍

    20. dangerism

      As a fan, I haven't forgotten a Gorillaz track as quickly as this one.

    21. FBI

      its me

    22. james parker

      Kaptin Fantastik baby!

    23. Adrian Aye

      "In a Sky Made of Diamonds...." ......Put it in the book *Added to the book of Infamous Lyrics

    24. ABRAHAM BS


    25. margareth michelina

      Two legendaries British musician collaborating!

    26. Mariano Quevedo

      this will be one the great songs of the decade

    27. toothless boi

      0:10 Don't think I didnt notice that 2d is wearing mascara here. it looks good on him 😊

    28. CorbinOnVR

      I can’t stop thinking of what it would be like to hear a song with Gorillaz and Freddie Mercury

    29. J Dominoes

      Never thought I’d see an Elton John 6lack and Gorillaz song

    30. Y_fan9000

      omfg, I can't wait

    31. Nour


    32. Mario Judah Archive

      ''Whoever Likes This Will One Day Be A Billionaire ''Good Luck'' 🍀

    33. Iam Sagekai


    34. Bababooey

      Such nice eyelashes.

    35. HOliveira

      Elton John é a complementação de Gorillaz neste vídeo.

    36. MAX SOULS

      Why is the Shinigami of the Soul Eater on the tie?

    37. Enrique

      It's AMAZING, OMG!

    38. alessandro filippetti

      Yoooo with Elton John ? That's about to become epic

    39. Ace

      ITS ME

    40. Finder_ Reishex23

      estuvo genial

    41. weegeeアメリカ

      I don’t think I’ve ever listened to 20 seconds of a song so many times in a row. I love it.

    42. Axol Divad Espina de Rosa

      EL PEPE

    43. Booze Em

      It’s hilarious how 2D does everything Elton John does

    44. Amanda N Perez

      I'm simping so much right now

    45. Sir Unofficial

      I dont know why. But this needs to be playing on my earbuds right now

    46. Mark Shavlovskii

      Smthng like Tranquility base?

    47. Tropical fox

      Well this was unexpected

    48. Jose Pablo De Lara

      Murdoc's like: What is this??!! Didn't see something that strange since FedEx sent Noodle.

    49. Daniel Albarracín


    50. Mo Bitches

      Steve is in minecraft

    51. Juan Paz

      Wtf with 2D

    52. Milk

      2D looking kinda sus tho

    53. dagamerguyofawesome

      I am very excited for this one

    54. Tutticherry

      :0 brothers?

    55. Darutu Caruti

      2d be lookin fabulous

    56. MM20

      hufast.info/plan/vide/mp2mn96DtWSxdWg ,

    57. justa tortillachip

      Murdoc: confused 2D: a pretty princess Elton: Vibin Hotel Trivago..

    58. Gabriel DeGuire

      I am literally so incredibly excited for this. I have very little doubt that Gorillaz are about to pull through with another killer track.

    59. Noodle Play

      How rare it looks 2-D hahaha

    60. Joaquin Mariscal

      Elton appears animated and not in person because he’s been sick the past year. Since Damon stated that the songs after Pac man were all made during the pandemic it makes sense that they opted to Animate EJ rather than risk his exposure. Smart move by everyone involved and we get a dope collaboration from it

    61. slippy boy

      why does 2D look so gay?

    62. Pidgeon Artist

      Bro I'm so hyped for this song to come out, cuz elton john's in it 😎

    63. Gyn

      Who else think 2D rocking the hell out those lashes 🖤🖤 and I'm weak Murdoc like what the hell is going on

    64. IKONIK Pink

      Its the lashes for me

    65. etgboi98

      2ds face lol

    66. T.J. Ferguson Project

      Murdoc was like: 'Ok, I have no clue on what's going on here, but I'm getting out of here.' XD

    67. Drowsy Path

      Minecraft Steve in smash and Elton John x Gorillaz both on the same day

    68. Memegon

      So many lens flares this trailer be looking like a J.J. Abrams film

    69. Supervivencia Con Adrian

      0:09 WTF

    70. Sicko Jonny

      It feels like a the now now song

      1. Jordan Powers

        Dexvox It does!

      2. Dexvox

        It sounds like a mix of Fire Flies and Ticker Tape

      3. Jordan Powers

        Fire Flies

    71. Luis Yutan

      Que mierda!!!

      1. Vero :3


      2. KeNo


    72. Watch your profanity

      17 on tending!!

    73. EH

      Damn i get a smash DLC trailer, AND THIS

    74. Patrick Stone

      He looks like a baby here XD

    75. Pika Denki


      1. xoxo xoxo

        every song they’ve put out for this album has been on trending ✊

    76. sushi _din0

      2-D our boy grew up so fast! 🥺❤️

    77. The Most Dead Meme

      "Yo 2D, I'm going to the store, you want some-"

    78. Clueless animates

      Murdoc be wut

    79. Nico del pino


      1. Vero :3


      2. KeNo


    80. Glorypw

      The moment you relize ppl hate you YES MY PLAN WORKED ! 😎

    81. I Like Spaghetti

      Lyrics: I tried to get to Atlanta On a peach blossomed highway I'm trying to put these puzzles Out of mind In a sky made of diamonds Where the world feels silent

    82. Cannimasc eu

      I love how murdoc casually go away

    83. DJSilly9

      I saw that EJ on the piano, and I instantly got hyped

    84. MeloIsTnut

      As always, may we take a moment to appreciate the unique artstyle? Elton looks mega squishable i-

    85. MeloIsTnut


    86. Zboy 115

      Elton John looks so good in the Gorillaz animation

    87. SH Games

      Why are they making the Belle Delphine face?

    88. weird dude38

      Why 3d dressed in drag

      1. weird dude38


    89. Andre Lucas

      2d gay

    90. Eduardo Luis

      Oh shit!! This might be their best collaboration yet!!!

    91. Dio

      Какой стремный чел

    92. I eat trash

      I really thought this was a fan made episode lmao

    93. Guitarboi

      Prob S2 will have game impala


      Lindo dms

    95. Nagito_kinnie

      They just vibing in murdocs room 😭

    96. Matheus Pearce

      Each like is a replay for this trailer

    97. Natnarf

      I'm jealous about 2D's print socks.... I want them please....

    98. Jojo490

      2d's fucking pretty eyes

    99. NewCoastRadio

      What happened to Murdoc in "Strane TimeZ"? Did he fall into a wormhole? Because he landed back into the Video of Aries. He is also not seen when 2D, Noodles and Russel left the moon.

    100. / B000en /

      So good gorrilaz are using there platform to show of new and upcoming artists