Gorillaz - Dead Butterflies ft. Kano & Roxani Arias (Official Lyric Video)


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    1. Shikari Cymru

      Best song on this magnificent album!

    2. Kiya Grace

      why are ALL of their songs amazing?! like i’ve been trying to find one i don’t like but I JUST BLOODY CANT 😅❤️

    3. Jacob lenhoff

      i showed this to my friends and they are now ignoring me, fuck the haters. this is a banger and i dont need to bow down with you!

    4. kmilo

      thanks gorillaz for las bonitas canciones :)

    5. Mari With An A

      This song makes me feel like a teenage girl who’s going through some tough times. Oh wait, that’s who I am already :’)

    6. 2koolken

      My former #latina interest would've liked this.

    7. 2koolken

      A nice touch with the "demo" adlibs in the beginning.

    8. C.D G.C

      I don't like this type of music, but I like Gorillaz and I like this song. Now I have mixed feelings.

    9. bsiccs

      Rap at 1 word at a time on the screen, shows the literal emphasis in the lines. Interesting way to perceive it! :)

    10. Zomby Jano

      I thought that was a midi at the start. "What's a midi?" "I'LL SHOW YOU"

    11. shad0w8

      Kano still has it

    12. More Tea

      Why is this not an animated MV :( I mean there's animation bouncing around but still :(

    13. Asry

      As a latin. Thanks.

    14. Churro The Rat

      the lyric videos: "ok sing this part" 2-d: "y-no"

    15. Myke Lowry

      This was SOOO Good!

    16. sui cide


    17. Raver935

      I swear this song is so underrated!

    18. AmosAlofSteel

      Things I never thought I'd hear on a Gorillaz song: "Mike Will Made it~"

    19. Harleen Singh

      THIS SONG IS A MOTHERFUCKING MASTERPIECE. Heartache and longing and every beat. wow.

    20. Some Citrus

      I see they used the portal to go back in time and steal a banging T Pain demo from 2007

    21. Ashlynneatscookies

      I'm a native English speaker and I barely knew the lyrics even after playing this song on repeat for hours Either it's his accent or I don't actually understand my own damn language xD

    22. SolidBrianGR

      Muy buena canción.

    23. Daneee 79

      Ok Kano ruined the song for me completely like can you please put out a a remix without him cuz his voice is trash

      1. Atyzin

        Your comment is the culmination of "I respect your opinion, but i think it's trash"

    24. Jean-Guy C.

      Et encore une chanson de Gorillaz que j'adore !

    25. Soul Alchemist

      Watching this like Madara sharingan

    26. PrimeTimeJprime

      As a blind person this doesn't really help me out with the lyrics

      1. Freja Hollænder

        Just a question: How did you write this comment?

      2. HIimALY


    27. Kam Dhatt

      This song is so fkn good

    28. 2-D fachero

      Si esta cancion se asemeja al regueton pues suena bastante bien... yo siempre e pensado que lo que mancha a los generos son los artistas y la letra, pero si manejan eso puenden salir joyas como estas 👊❤

    29. Kam Dhatt

      Beautiful music

    30. Ethan R.

      This deserved a full episode with a music video.

    31. Lil Stupid

      I think this might be my new favorite song from Gorillaz I do like the low tide more than the high tide.

    32. Daniel

      They really picked a random latina girl that sings for this song, there aren't much results when I google her.

    33. Blood Urchin

      I met a Japanese girl who was more American than me...I called her butterfly cause of how colorful she was. She left not long ago over on a drug fueled misunderstanding. They say she killed herself...this song makes me cry boiling hot tears.

    34. Zombi gutz

      This and MLS are hands down, one of my all time favorites on song machine

    35. Heskitor

      My crocodile died last week, this was its favourite music 😔

      1. Heskitor

        @Atyzin oh... I dont know

      2. Atyzin

        Wait people can have crocodiles?

    36. Rice Box

      After getting the CD for this album, I've appreciated this song so much more.

    37. Marvin Rodriguez

      Dis song needs to be in Forza

    38. Marvin Rodriguez

      Sully from Top Boy Kano

    39. Max Riggah

      This track reminds me of the song "Know why" by Kid Cudi for some reason.

      1. Marvin Rodriguez

        Kid Cudi 4 Life

    40. Brandon Larkin

      Sounded sooooo good till the two artist came on not even hating ☹️

    41. Montana Rivera

      Holy Smokes this song is so beautiful!!

    42. Logan Vanderhoof

      Did gorillaz get their own lyric video wrong or is it just their trend of being different with lyrics. "Theres nothin in this world" was supposed to be "theres nothin in this fire"???

      1. Atyzin

        Umm no, i think they can't make a "wrong" lyric video, maybe someone was just too lazy to really listen to what they were saying so just put the first thing that made some sense

    43. IVAN ivan

      This song needs a video

    44. Rodrigo Nishikiori

      Great drum pattern

    45. elias torres

      si ablan español

      1. 2-D fachero


    46. Reina Valdes

      I have a feeling this song reflects on 2-D's past. Dang it, 2-D. I know exactly how you feel. I felt what you felt along time ago, and now I feel what you feel. Heart broken all over again. 😭😭 Edit: This song made me realize how lonely I am. In 6th grade, I had my first break-up (he stopped hanging out with me, and didn't talk to me for a week[started a relationship with someone else]), best friend moved away. 2 years later, I am 13 in 8th grade, (lived through quarantine of 2020) made 2 friends, but my aunt dies because of depression, and my grandfather dies of illness(not covid). It reminds me of how lonely I am, and now I feel like more people are leaving my life more than coming into my life. It hurts so much. 💔💔💔 I will live through it and move on. I am perfectly fine. But I also don't want people stressing out about it. Like 2-D said in PAC-MAN, "no stressing out, no stressing out, no stressing out, no stressing out, stressing out". He doesn't want the rest of the band worrying about him. He's still in the past, but makes it seem like he is okay. I am the same way, I don't want anybody to worry about me. I will be okay.

      1. Reina Valdes

        @Alyssa Parker Should we do a channel together? I mean we are 1 block away from each other

      2. Reina Valdes

        @Alyssa Parker Thanks bestie.

      3. Alyssa Parker

        Always remember I’m always here if you need to talk! You’re not in this alone, Reina, and we’ll always be here if you need a shoulder to cry on. You picked me up when I was at my lowest and I’ll always stand by your side, no matter what happens!

    47. Medical Museum

      *Gorillaz in spanish* Latin Simone>>Dead butterflies

      1. shrek bird

        Both amazing tracks

    48. Amorhpous

      Is this gonna be a season two music video?

    49. Bastard Kitten

      Gorillaz has always been incredibly funky. They really threw that stank on this one.. I'm so thankful for Gorillaz.

    50. Nicolás Moreno

      Pero qué es esta weá?

      1. 2-D fachero

        Una rola chingona

    51. ClinxLsdꜜ

      Mexican hahahahah

    52. binkling vozerozok

      i kinda dont like this one it became the very thing i decided to hate

    53. Damon


    54. Izzy Gordon

      Lol who are making these lyric videos?

    55. doop00

      I like bits of all songs but I'm not a big fan of the random artist during the whole album, but I'm a old grumpy bastard that doesn't like change.

    56. 《Magic Ping》

      Una sola palabra... Magnífico. ❤️

    57. Sebastian Hoffmann

      The first time i read through the lyrics, i was crying my eyes out

    58. MelonAsylum

      I'm upset this beautiful song isn't getting a music video.

    59. Brianna Rivera

      The spanish threw me off , I was screaming 👁👅👁😂😂❤❤❤

    60. Kaleah Collins

      Dang this bass is killa

    61. mr rubarb

      that bass tho like damn and also what a beatiful song

    62. MetalJazzDnB

      This is on fire!

    63. Lluvia de Noviembre


    64. Logan Clarke

      I was really digging then I loved it less when the girl came in and even lesser when the guy did. But 2d's part was perfect and the beat was hot.

    65. Kira Subaru

      "There's nothing in this pieeeeee." - Gorillaz

    66. FadedAce13 Xbox

      I feel like the lyrics were what was originally planned to be sung, but Damon was just like "nah" during the recording. Sounds like something Damon would do.

    67. IIESPD00DII

      Never would’ve imagined hearing a Damon Albarn + Mike Will Made It collab but I’m not surprised. It’s great

    68. Medical Museum

      I wanted to puke when I heard spanglish 🤮

      1. Atyzin

        I wanted to delete comments when I've seen yours

    69. Lala Pepe

      This is a beautiful song omg I love it 💖

    70. nick lasiter

      that beat hit hard though

    71. Xavier Whelan

      Subtitles: World 2D:blwaaa

    72. frank morrison


    73. HellRiver92

      This album its sick im eager for the next part

    74. Pietro Mateo

      An lyrics that they understand what 2D says? 😳😳

    75. apple of wisdom

      I can sing this in Carl Weezers voice

    76. Tluangpuia Tluangpui

      I don't really know why but the piano reminds me of Nujabes...RIP

    77. Joshua Hagbom

      This song and pink phantom are such bangers. This whole album's good but those two are by far my favorite

    78. Ludmila Navarro

      (Mike WiLL Made-It) Oh, when was I supposed to Bow down with you? (Yeah) What can I be faithful? There’s nothing in this fire (Can we, can we just loop that last piano part a little bit?) (EarDrummers) (Is there a lighter?) Bow down with you What can I be praying for? There’s nothing in this fire Oh, when was I supposed to (Get up, get up) Bow down with you? (Bow down now, bow) What can I be praying for? (Praying for, praying for) If no one in this world, like you? (Like you, like you) We’re dead butterflies (Butterflies, butterflies) Laid out on a sprung floor Waited for a long time To pick us up and fly (Fly, fly) We’re d ad butterflies I’m all in, let m know what you’re thinkin’ Catch feels, wind down while we figure this out, right now (Right now, right now) Deja que fluya pa’ no perder el control No queda de otra vamo’ a tar en lo mismo Estoy dispuesta a darte todo el carino (Todo el carino) Two-steppin’ while I move reckless New sentence moves and news pendin’ Loose evidence and news trendin’, effortlessly truth bendin’ Who’s treacherous, searching for the feelings of a new friendship There’s but a few endings, everyone’s a winner ’til you lose brethren Old time when we use to owe time Never take to Most High, them fuck up the old skyline Bright lights, I hope that feeling can replenish Regretful, ’cause if I let you left me then I’d be rush rouletting Got a whole full clip and pow, catch me and grip it now But memories, lift me up, but still a man’s tears dripping down Onto these photographs of what we used to be But overtime the puddles turns into a sea Hoping to myself you cry a stream I was just surfing on your grief The hurt I can’t believe, just come to terms of who was me But who are we? These mirrors don’t reflect perfection Just put on your crep selection, come on two steps to Heaven with me We’re dead butterflies (Butterflies, butterflies) Laid out on a sprung floor Waited for a long time To pick us up and fly (Fly, fly) ‘Cause if it’s not me then Who’s it gonna be, baby? If it’s not us (Not us, not us) There’s nothing in this world for me We’re dead butterflies Dancing on a sprung floor now Waited for a long time To pick us up and fly (Fly, fly) We’re dead butterflies When was I supposed to (Get up, get up) Bow down with you? (Bow down, bow down now) What can I be praying for? (Praying for, Praying for) If no one in this world, like you? (Like you, like you) We’re dead butterflies (Butterflies, butterflies)

      1. Atyzin

        Mad respect

    79. undrr congratulations

      The opening piano is the same as sound check (gravity) instrumental


      Más canciones con cantantes hispanohablantes, por favor 🙏

    81. Ennea Chisnall

      I love when you can just hear Damon talking in the background

    82. JoMadge

      There's nothing in this piee-eee-eee ...

    83. Jazzy JediKnight

      Me when listening to the song: picturing myself and 2D dancing on a sprung floor 😊😊

    84. Joaquín Ferreyra

      i'm trying real hard to like kano's part. I had to say it

    85. xzvcvbnbmm, xccbvmb,n

      this, the lost chord, and pac-man are all bangers but pretty much all of the album is great

    86. Jeff Biggers

      Love this one

    87. Gaffon

      MiKe WilL mADe IT...

    88. The plastic tree

      more people should know this song, it's so good..❤

    89. 2-D fachero


    90. PastelGuts

      So is damon speaking supposed to be damon or 2D?

      1. PastelGuts

        @Atyzin ah thank you

      2. Atyzin

        Damon, in Momentary Bliss you can see the animated and the real band together


      Damon doing trap better than trap rappers

    92. Chris Grainger

      Stone cold banger..... and I fucking love Kano.

    93. Uh Oh

      U guys remember the one unreleased song low tides? The one line made me think of it

    94. jme

      Just realized this is kano who was also on white flag

    95. Edu Pal 3

      Gorillaz is the best no one cares about grojband grojband looks like gorillaz knockoff

    96. musicshag

      goddamn this song has such a tight beat

    97. Jay The JoJoLoser

      English translation?.... Just curious..

    98. CTP DE IRA

      Traducción al español: 2D: ¿Cuándo se suponía que me arrodillara contigo? ¿Por qué puedo estar rezando? No hay nada en este mundo (¿Podemos tocar un poco esta última parte del piano? ¡Eso es, sí! ¡Genial! ¿Hay un encendedor?) Arrodillarme contigo ¿Por qué puedo estar rezando? No hay nada en este mundo ¿Cuándo se suponía que me arrodillara contigo? ¿Por qué puedo estar rezando? No hay nadie en este mundo Como tú Somos mariposas muertas dispuestas en un suelo suspendido esperando la corriente baja para recogernos y volar (Somos mariposas muertas) Roxani Arias: Estoy dispuesta, déjame saber lo que estás pensando Me enamoro, tomo vino mientras resolvemos esto ¡Ahora mismo! Deja que fluya pa 'no perder el control No queda de otra Vamo 'a estar en lo mismo Estoy dispuesta a darte todo el cariño Kano: Doy dos pasos mientras me muevo imprudentemente Nuevos escenarios, alcohol y desnudeces pendientes Evidencia suelta y noticias en tendencia torciendo la verdad sin esfuerzo ¿Quién es un traicionero? buscando sentimientos de una nueva amistad Solo hay algunos finales Todo el mundo es un ganador hasta que pierdes a tu compañero Nos sujetamos fuerte, cuando solíamos sujetarnos fuerte Levitar a lo más alto y joder todo el horizonte Luces brillantes, espero que ese sentimiento pueda reponerse Arrepentido porque si dejo que me dejes, entonces me apresuraré a jugar ruleta con todo un clip completo y disparar Goteo de cachemira ahora y los recuerdos me elevan pero la lágrima de un hombre está goteando sobre estas fotografías de lo que solíamos ser Pero con el tiempo ese charco se convierte en mar Cuando te vi llorar un arroyo Estaba surfeando en tu dolor que no puedo borrar Solo acepta quién soy yo ¿Pero quiénes somos nosotros? Estos espejos no reflejan la perfección Solo ponte tu selección de zapatos Ven y da dos pasos al cielo conmigo 2D: Somos mariposas muertas dispuestas en un suelo suspendido esperando la corriente baja para recogernos y volar Porque si no soy yo entonces ¿De quién va a ser, bebé? Si no somos nosotros No hay nada en este mundo para mi Somos mariposas muertas bailando en un piso suspendido esperando la corriente baja para recogernos y volar ¿Cuándo se suponía que me arrodillara contigo? ¿Por qué puedo estar rezando? No hay nadie en este mundo Como tú Somos mariposas muertas

      1. Diego Ramses Rangel Banda

        @2-D fachero siento que él autor de está canción en los integrantes de Gorillaz fue 2-D XD ya que habla de cuando un amor termina o algo parecido, enserio que aunque no hayas sufrido o que si lo hayas sufrido o lo estés sufriendo te llega muy dentro la canción, hasta a mi me hizo caer una lágrima xD

      2. 2-D fachero

        La letra es muy metaforica y triste y me agrada

      3. Diego Ramses Rangel Banda

        Es muy triste la canción

    99. cekk yay

      here is Roxani's spanish part translated to english if you wanna know what it says: "let it flow so you don't lose control, there's no other option, we will be in the same. i'm willing to give you all my affection"

    100. Clint Thomas

      2D speaks a new language some times. One who wrote the lyrics is a interpreter.