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  1. ꧁Ҡօʍմղҟ Dҽҽʂէ꧂Kz

    Что с ними глазами что за говно

  2. jacobito de todo un poco


  3. AziMocha

    Actually it was an Edgeworth edit lol

  4. mr.popcoren

    wait why it said the end?!

  5. Contour Bananas

    3:25 wtf

  6. Zeinabou Bagayoko

    noodle kinnie

  7. Merlin Steffen

    Group of moronic toddlers is making real nice music, love this song !

  8. Dan_

    Can someone make an edit with the other 11 months?

  9. -w1zzty

    Im sorry

  10. I dont know


  11. Cesinha

    Essa ficou foda demais slc

  12. Jeff Michael Cedeno

    Still listen in 2021

  13. Mo1stantine


  14. yunnan newmount

    GTA ON ?

  15. Courteney Wood


  16. хаха это я Макс

    goosebumps ran...

  17. Cipritan

    300 Bucks?

    1. Quvil

      Yes, bro)

  18. Joetarow Joestar

    Sounds a bit better than how I remembered it

  19. Javier Eduardo

    Esta canción se vuelve una cumbia cuando lo pones a velocidad x 1.25

  20. Isela 1002

    is it just me or did I never forget about them.

  21. João Paulo

    2021 alguém aí na escuta que assistia esse vídeo clipe na extinta MTV.

  22. Lizbeth Campoverde

    So cool! 🤩

  23. henrique paes

    That scene of Murdoc and 2d holding hands for a sec there gave me absolute chills

  24. Renata Baretto

    I love 2-D

  25. Russo MoToLoK013

    Mano,eu dirigindo com esse som ninguém me segura,vou cascando o bico ainda com o cigarrinho na boca imitando o Bruce Willis kkkk

  26. Russo MoToLoK013

    Caraio,como eu queria que a Noodle fosse de verdade,acho que eu pediria em casamento

  27. Ochir Luka

    I love gorillaz ❤️

  28. Trinity

    Обожаю вас:3

  29. Mónica Quevedo

    *feel good*

  30. Nichoal King

    Who knew this song ...who actually be relevant more ...way more than it's release dates ahha this was a banger and folks told me it was trash 😂😂😂😂 I hate when I can't just be EARLY ffffff

  31. Douglas Bull

    I cant getboverbthisvsongni listen to it 4x a day

  32. Nichoal King

    This whole album was HIGHLY slept on bruh omg I was in nyc bumping on the train lol

  33. Douglas Bull

    I just watched a video sayingbthe gorrilaz areva racist band and appalling.he thinks a black dude playing the drums is racist along with tgere name gorrilaz yea he thinks the name refers to russ being a monkey.

  34. syriansam

    The dude who sings the chorus is giving me mad shigaraki vibes prolly just me tho

  35. Cupcake Reyes

    Why r none of the comments from when it was made?

  36. Frosted Cubes

    War Thunder :

  37. Garuda Street

    01:22 - 01:52 ..👍

  38. Doper Fox

    I from the, hello

  39. XgracieXcharmX

    Am I the only one that came from a tbhk edit.....

  40. Tanjiro Kamado

    Im sorry

  41. Julian Hansen

    I thought Bruce Willis were awesome, untill he killed Gorillaz, and he shot my girlfriend Noodle!! >_< I will take my revange someday Bruce! The one who says "Yippi Kayah motherfucker" the last, is the one saying "Yippi Kayah motherfucker" the last, i see you in the airport Bruce! And you don´t win this time!!

  42. Ash

    I feel like gorillaz and vocaloid together would make a good song or just something that sounds really electrical like the song my ordinary life

  43. IDontKnow31

    Song: plays Me: I'm sorry

  44. Ash

    2D got scared of noodle throwing up a octopus and now a while later he throws up a whale and is like... 😗

  45. Ash

    “Silence”, me: Shapa-dapa Shapa-dapa hOo HoO

  46. OmegaDMM


  47. Ash

    I had my first counciling the other day and they brought up. What do you do to cheer yourself up? Ans then the last 30m was spent talking ab gorillaz

  48. Dom C

    Why is "that its only in your head" censored

    1. Hey There

      What do you mean? Are you wearing headphones

  49. Ash

    Why is there 24k dislikes? WHY IS THERE 24K DISKIKES?! I am coming for you 👹

  50. Dora

    Hee hoo

  51. Ash


  52. Ash

    I was texting my friend ab gorillaz cuz I wanted them to go to a concirt with me and she just looked me in the eye and said there not real and I started crying 😃

  53. Havalina Chiel

    Blur ^^

  54. Ash

    Why does murdoc keep getting greener and greener 💀

  55. Roy Pikka4u


  56. Ash

    This video makes me happy for no reason,...but when 2D gets tripped up :(

  57. Mojżesz

    I ain't want no isolation too, man.

  58. Ash

    This is probobly one of my fave gorillaz songs, I cant keep listening to it lol

  59. Hayanek

    Кто с тик тока ?

  60. Terri pls

    Y'all please what edit-

  61. William Afton

    What nagito edit are y'all talking bout-

  62. DOOM Slayer

    snap back to reality

  63. мистер яшекс

    Ду ю лайк май 2 фэт как? Фистинг эс 300 бакс Ду ю лав амэйзинг секс Стик ю фингер ин май эсс

  64. Jalopoy

    Buzz for ears

  65. Francesca S

    Can't get used to seeing Russel grin like that.

  66. catcatcatcat


  67. Terrel Mafwila

    Pov:you turn on the radio in GTA 5 after pulling off the big one

  68. Katherine Montgomery

    The soggy bookcase symptomatically shrug because lip pivotally haunt towards a tawdry node. ugly, versed turnover

  69. RLXRugoax


  70. Sara Srbinovski

    This gives me such Steven Universe vibe

  71. Teto has a life

    the gorilla part-

  72. Deta Beta Breadsticks

    Why are these videos amazing and so fucking weird at the same time?

  73. Zachary Anderson

    Reached . fucked over? No

  74. Ellie Coxon

    100k people are mentally stable smh

  75. Kinex So2

    Do you like my two fat co...

  76. Akaza

    2:35 Me:mmhhhh I don't know what the f*ck is this sayng but it's sounds f*cking cool


    nice of pazuzu to work background singing into his busy schedule tbh

  78. Ricardo Guty

    I feel good